Keep Your Gardens in Best Shape This Summer

P T Usha 3 years ago
The summer is fast approaching, and it’s high time you dedicate a special time to keep your gardens in the best shape. During the summer, the shrubs used to overgrow, flowers might start fading, and more numbers of bugs will be found munching around the fruits and vegetables.

Sulekha’s service providers who offer professional gardening services will take care of your garden like a pro and provide the essential growth boosters and plant suggestions. With this, you can go ahead with the prompt production all summer.

After a certain blooming season, it is essential to clean up the dead flower spike and sweep away the seed pods. Hence, it would be best if you started trimming the perennials. In addition to making your garden the best in looks-wise, it will also boost the bloom.

If you witness any faded and infected flowers, pinch them off. Likewise, take away the seed pods from the plants too. It will pave the way for more blooms this season. Summers are the rearing season for pests, and squash borer is one of the common pests. It is one of the moths that lays its eggs in the base of the squash plants. As the eggs hatch, they just bore into the lower part of the stem and weakening it, thereby killing it. Some of the active ingredients used against squash vine borers are carbaryl, permethrin, and bifenthrin. Moreover, when it comes to attacking squash borers, make sure to kill them in the initial stages.

Keep retaining the moisture in the soil bed during this dry season. If possible, it is also a good idea to use drip irrigation. Watering timing is also important for effective gardening. You can water the plants either early in the morning or during the late evening. It will help the plants to store sufficient water and avoid evaporation.

Trim the herbs regularly, which will lead to a prolonged generation of flowers and vegetables. Also, there is a list of seasonal crops that you can try this summer. Some of them include peas, broccoli, radish, and lettuce. The process is also simple. Add two inches of comport or matured manure as a base and replant the late-season crops. With this, the second sessions of sowings will be all set because warmer months are the right time to plant veggies. Options like beans, celery, corn, peppers, squash, zucchini, etc., are some of the go-to crops.

No matter how well you maintain your garden, the weeds will keep coming in. But the weeds aren’t much threatening if you stay prepared. You can deter them by applying mulch, using weed mats, and cultivating. Moreover, you can also opt for fertilizers. There are a number of fertilizers available in the market. Make sure to choose the right fertilizer which will suit best for your garden.

If you are a beginner looking to make use of this summer at its fullest, visit Sulekha and scroll through our page to get connected to professional gardening services. Happy gardening.

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