9 moments that are synonymous with power cuts

  • Imagine yourself in your most comfortable pjs, waiting to watch the biggest game of the year, equipped with popcorn and juice, and all of a sudden the power goes off. Power cuts definitely top the list of situations that are highly frustrating. So here are some relatable power cut moments you must have gone through:

    1. Blaming it on absurdities:

    There slowly comes a point in your power cut when you start to lose sight of sense. When you start to analyse the random timings of the power cuts you end up thinking it’s the work of something otherworldly.

    2. Summers like these:

    When there is a power cut while the summer heat is still running high, you know you are staying up through the night and you will make sure the Electricity board is up too. Constant calls to the board every 5 minutes is definitely the way to go!

    3. Fail DIY moments:

    When you finally decide to be brave and fix the issue yourself and just end up giving yourself a ‘shocking’ new hairdo, is something a lot of people can relate to. Indeed power cuts are testing times which is why when you attempt to fix the issue yourself, the resRelivingt usually favourable.

    4. Reliving Childhood memories:

    When you sitting around candles during a power cut as an adult, you are transported to the time when you were a kid and were making shadow figures. It is definitely one of those rare moments when you enjoy a power cut.

    5. When sports is interrupted:

    A moment of pure frustration for those following a live match is when the power goes off at a crucial moment. What’s more your irritation reaches new heights when you call the Electricity Board and they say, ‘they were just checking the lines, it’ll be back soon.’

    6. Candles are your new best friends:

    If you are a person who is afraid of the dark and have the misfortune of going through a power cut without a generator, then, sure enough, you will be fixed next to the candles in the house. In these situations, candles will become you best friends and protectors.

    7. Unnecessary help:

    Power cuts right when you are about to go sleep seem like fates way of helping you turn off the lights, but in this case, it’s definitely not the kind of help you asked for. It’s at that annoying point when you are all settled and ready for sleep and then a power cut ruins your plans.

    8. Perfect conversation arrester:

    When you are in the middle of a lot of people talking loudly and just want some peace and quiet, the best thing to pray for is a power cut. Nothing silences people like abrupt power cuts. Loud conversations suddenly come to a halt and people just sit there staring awkwardly at the darkness.

    9. When you have the entire city for company:

    City blackouts are definitely out of the control of the electricity board, but they are a complete pain to deal with. Although you are not happy sitting in the darkness hitting the mosquitoes, you are surely thankful for the company of the entire city.

    With ruined sleep and the constant nag of mosquitoes, power cuts are clearly not the easiest to deal with. But every problem has a solution and this problem’s solution is a Generator. So if or someone you know wants to survive a power cut without going insane, then you can find the best Generator dealers, here.