Diesel generator maintenance tips

  • Diesel generators are the most sought-after source for standby power supply as it can save about 25 per cent of the fuel cost when compared to generators that use propane, gasoline or natural gas. Just like any other device, diesel generators too need regular maintenance for better performance. Here are some of the maintenance tips to keep your generator in mint condition.

    • As diesel generators have various parts like exhaust fans, engine etc, they should be frequently monitored for any leaks and should be fixed immediately if any.  
    • The engine oil must be checked at regular intervals, especially while shutting down.
    • The oil and filter must also be changed at recommended time intervals to prevent any environmental hazards.
    • Check the coolant levels after shutting down the engine and removing the radiator cap. Ensure that the exterior of the coolant is free from any kind of obstruction or dirt.
    • The fuel, if not used within a year, would get contaminated. Ensure that the operator uses only fresh fuel.
    • Batteries should be fully charged and well-maintained to avoid deterioration. If not, they might cause start-up problems for the diesel generator.
    • As the engines run under intense stress, they need to be lubricated at frequent intervals for smooth operation.

    These preventive maintenance tips will help to keep the engine run efficiently and cut down the costs on repairing the equipment.

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