Hiring a generator? ask these questions!

  • Generators can become handy when you are in need of temporary power. A number of events like weddings, parties, college or school functions etc would require temporary power solutions. In that case, it is better to hire a generator than buying a new one.  Renting the machine is always cheaper than purchasing it as you would need the appliance only for a few days and it is unnecessary to spend so much for a short span.

    Following are some of the important points to consider before hiring a generator:

    Capacity:  Choose a generator with the required capacity and according to your power consumption.

    Noise Levels: Generators are known for their unpleasant noise. You may hire advanced generators that produce less or little noise. A noisy generator could ruin your event, so don’t mind to spend a little extra to hire the less noisy ones.

    Operator cost: It is indeed essential to have a person to operate the generator as he would exactly know how to take care of the generator. Mostly, the rental company will make necessary arrangements for the same but clarify the exact amount to be paid for the operator.

    Diesel charges: Diesel charges may be extra and have to be paid by those who hire the generator. This is where you have to shell out more money, so be cautious about the diesel consumption.

    Where to place: As generators emit carbon monoxide (inhaling this gas could be poisonous), place the generators outdoors so that the fumes escape.  However, make sure that you cover the generator to protect it from rain or shine.

    Tips: Measure the fuel in the generator before you hire one. This will help you to keep track on how much you are spending on fuel.

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