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    Hobby Classes as on Feb 21, 2018

    1. Himanshu Art Institute, Ghaziabad

      2 Reviews 6.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40016428
      Hobby Classes
      Art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. It is a personal unanalyzable creative power endowed to an individual. An amalgamation of competence and vision yields artistic creativity. The contribution of art in our society is indispensable. Mr Mohit Manocha established Himanshu Art Institute in 1997. It aims at providing inspiring guidance, techniques and approaches in various mediums to amateur artists. It facilitates a platform for established as well as amateur artists, to mark their presence in the field of art. Since its inception, it has been opening new horizons in the field of art. It has been successfully conducting exhibitions, workshops, painting competitions and quizzes for all age groups to encourage and exhibit hidden and unexplored talent. Since its inception, Himanshu Art Institute has groomed raw artistic skill into astral talent. Our competent panel of teachers leaves no stone unturned to help each student achieve his real potential. Professionalism is inculcated in students by our esteemed faculty. We proudly present ourselves as the only institute in India offering 151 art and craft techniques. We truly help you achieve your artistic excellence. An art devotee since childhood. Mr Mohit Manocha received training under renowned artists, reputable institutes and studios. His never-ending keenness to promote art led him into establishing Himanshu Art Institute which is spreading awareness towards art all around. Since its establishment, it has been opening new horizons in the field of art by assembling workshops, painting competitions, exhibitions for all age groups to encourage and exhibit hidden and unexplored talent. Over the past, Himanshu Art Institute has groomed raw artistic skill into astral talent. Reach out to us to know more about us.
    2. +91 22 49437046
      Hobby Classes
      Kalasparsh Classes is a Hobby classes are mushrooming with a wide spectrum of courses and training options available. It is a wonderful way to master the art where passion prevails. These classes are also said to play a key role in polishing hidden talents and abilities of kids and adults in many different ways.There are many options available with the courses like music, sports, cooking, wrapping, dance classes, and art. These art, craft and hobbies are put forward to different age group of people in different way depending on needs and desires of learners. Kalasparsh Classes has Many parents during school holidays prefer enrolling their children for hobby classes to help them boost their confidence and also contribute to their overall development. This way a child is kept away from video games and other destructive games and activities that in a way or so put a negative impact on their life. Depending on their needs and interests parents can encourage their kids to either join vacation classes or regular classes conducted after school hours.Contact us for more details.
    3. Krati Jain, Hyderabad

      5.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 75690 03171
      Hobby Classes

      Krati Jain is an experienced art instructor located in Hyderabad, India. Krati Jain teaches different types of drawings, paintings, paper crafts (origami), quillings, clay modellings, bottle crafts, handmade room decors, pom-pom toys and much more. Krati Jain started to provide his excellent art training in 2017. Contact Krati Jain for getting the lowest priced art training in the region.

    4. +91 98830 15423
      Hobby Classes
      Silpidal Institute of Art & Culture is an art institute based in Kolkata, India. We conduct courses on basic painting, basic drawing, canvas painting, pen drawing, oil painting, water painting, colouring, sketching, Acrylic painting, etc. We employ skilled painters and artists to ensure that our students get the best art class in the region. Since our inception in 1988, we have taught reliable and affordable courses for art enthusiasts from different walks of life. Contact us for any queries.
    5. +91 22 49437838
      Hobby Classes

      Busy Bee Hobby Classes, as the name implies, offers superior hobby training for people in Mumbai, India. We teach chocolate making, paper quilling, crafting, flower making, greeting card making, rangoli, Sospeso art, flower making and cookie making. All our quality classes are offered at nominal rates to ensure maximum learning and satisfaction for our patrons. Contact us for further details.

    6. +91 80 48031176
      Hobby Classes
      Tiny tots is a unit of AH educational serviced providing daycare and preschool services. We also have handwriting, drawing,phonics and tuitions as additional services
    7. +91 90211 09881
      Hobby Classes

      Riti's Creativity Fashion Design Beauty & 100 Hobby Classes, as the name implies, renders all types of hobby, fashion designing and beauty courses for Pune-based clients. We understand the value of comprehensive coaching experience, and hence provide the best training for all types of hobbies. Contact us for getting our budget-friendly training.

      Some of our courses include
      Fashion Designing
      Candle Making
      Mehndi Classes
      Chocolate Making
      Soft Toys Making
      Perfume Making
      Designer Soaps Making
      Beautician Training
      Cooking Classes
      Painting Classes
      and much more.

    8. +91 22 49432423
      Hobby Classes
      Cookery and Bakery Courses
    9. Gourmet Bytes, Pune

      5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 99207 55066
      Hobby Classes

      Kothrud, Paud Road, Pune - 411038

    10. Hobby Point, Hyderabad

      1 Review 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 86395 11980
      Hobby Classes
      AR Hobby point provides you chocolate making, ice cream making, cake making, candle making, terracotta jewelry making, quilling jewellery making, mehndi design classes