5 Smart Strategies to Use Your Washing Machine

Pavithra S 3 years ago
Washing machines are the real time saviours for many of us today in this hectic lifestyle. Doing laundry is one of the most tedious domestic tasks and time consuming. Washing machines have made our lives easier and better helping us to save our time and energy. From regular dresses like tops, t-shirts, and pants to heavier clothes such as bed covers, blanket, towels and curtains, washing machines have supported cleaning them perfectly. To last long, washing machines should be used correctly and maintained regularly.

Sure, you’ve been using your washing machine for years, but the question is, do you use it correctly? We always think it’s easy to use it however, it’s not always! Make sure you read the manual and know exactly how to use a washing machine for perfectly fresh and clean clothes every time. So, if you have just bought a washing machine, or looking for best ways to use it, read on.

Below are some best ways of using a washing machine for a happy machine life.
  1. Limit Your Load Size
Overloading the washer will lead to a reduced lifespan and the clothes will not come out fresh and clean. Clothes need to move freely to get cleaned and washed properly. Many of us think putting a pile of clothes together will save time, but it’s not. It’ll end up you paying more for your washing machine in the later stage. People should understand that washing machines are built to hand a specific, combined weight of water and clothes and it’ll perform best when used as per its capabilities. So, avoid overloading the machine and get clean washed clothes.
  1. Use the Right Detergent in the Right place
Pick the appropriate detergent that fits your washing machine and do put it in the right detergent compartment of the drawer. Learn how to measure and use the specific detergent in your detergent package. Always measure and use the adequate amount of detergent for avoiding soap residues in the cloth. Use a scoop or measuring cup provided in the detergent for best results.
  1. Avoid Too Much Detergent
Applying too much detergent will make your clothes rough and they’ll even lose shine in the longer time. Excess use of detergent is also bad for your washing machine as the excess soap residues will damage the washing tub and other inner components leading to malfunctions ultimately. Book a washing machine repair service expert on Sulekha if you encounter any such issues.
  1. Do the Right Settings
Always read the instruction manual carefully before start operating the machine. This will help you understand the settings and use it properly. Try using pre-soak cycle setting for extra-dirty clothes to come out cleaner and fresh without going around twice. Note that using wrong settings may not immediately cause harm to your washing machine, but will end up damaging them in the course of time and leave you with improperly-cleaned clothes.
  1. Clean Your Washer Regularly
Washing machine cleaning and maintenance are as essential as cleaning your clothes regularly. Always wash and clean the trays or dispensers to avoid bacteria or algae proliferation. Not cleaning them will lead to health problems as the microorganisms stay in the trays and enter into the wash tub. Follow the simple tip to clean the machine: Select the largest load size, fill the washing tub with warm water and a cup of bleach, adjust settings to self-cleaning cycle and run. Remove drawers, and dispensers and rinse them out with hot water to brush off residue.

Following the above tips will keep your washing machine function properly and last longer. Have a happy machine life. For any washing machine repair or service, contact Sulekha- the fast and free way to get experts!

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