9 Most Common Problems With Televisions - We Have The Fix Too

Shobika 5 years ago

After a long day at work, when you settle down in front of the TV to catch up with your favourite shows, you may identify your television causing troubles. Nothing annoys a homeowner more than missing out on a crucial episode and waiting for a rerun. Sounds familiar? To avoid such situations, we've listed the most common problems with television and a few solutions. 

  1. Auto power off – One can rectify this issue by following the below options:
  • Check if any timer or sleep mode has been set by mistake
  • Check your remote control
  • Remove the main power cable
  • Unplug all devices attached to the TV such as cable connection, media player, speakers
  • After 1 minute, connect the TV
  1. Distorted images – The reasons for distorted images could be due to:
  • Poor reception quality from the cable. You should contact the cable operator if this persists.
  • Try playing from a DVD and check if the picture quality improves. If the picture remains poor, check the TV circuitry for issues.
  • You can also try to change the brightness and contrast of the picture.
  1. No sound or no picture – If the T.V is showing video content without sound,
  • Check if the mute button has been pressed
  • Verify the audio strength set with the remote
  • Change channels, sometimes there are problems with the transmission and some channels may not get sound

No video but sound

  • Check other channels, transmission problem is common
  • Adjust brightness/ contrast/ sharpness

  1. A line appears on the screen – It is an indication of disruption caused by a nearby magnetic field. Remove any interfering devices or gadgets.
  2. Not connecting to the internet – Most T.Vs have smart features and allow you to connect to the internet. You can comfortably stream all your favourite T.V programs directly on T.V. This feature may not work correctly if, 
  • You have changed your internet connection. Check if the router is correctly set up. Or if there is any problem with reception through the router
  • If a particular app is not working, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app
  1. Colour blanching or leaking – If the colours don’t appear the way they should, the viewing experience gets severely affected. Colour calibration can help quality. If your T.V does not have any such option, then a technician might be able to help.
  2. Video and audio poorly synched – The picture quality might be the reason for the poor sync. If possible, change the format of the file if playing through a DVD.
  3. Dark and dull picture – Nowadays, a lot of televisions come with ambient picture adjustment. If that is the case with your T.V and you don’t like the auto adjust, turn the option off. Adjust the brightness according to your preference.
  4. Ill-fitted image – Contemporary televisions let you adjust the picture size setting as well. You can customise the sizes according to your viewing requirements for the best experience. 

Tips to avoid problems related to the television

  • Keep the manual handy. You will be able to find a page dedicated to troubleshooting
  • When fixing your T.V, insist on replacement with branded parts. Fix your AC only through a professional technician

For more complicated problems, contact a repair technician. Get estimates from multiple service centres to compare. But let the most skilled person fix your television.  TV repair services in Chennai, TV repair services in Bangalore, TV repair services in Hyderabad. 

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