DIY: Tips To Fix Common Television Problems

P T Usha 4 years ago
One of the greatest inventions of the early 20th century, television has made it to almost all households across the world. It is the most familiar medium through which people seek information across the globe. Especially during this time of lockdown, while the world as a whole is fighting COVID-19, we do our part of isolating ourselves. In that case, most of us are glued to the television almost all the time. However, a television repair at times like this could easily be a nightmare.

But worry not, the below article will help you with DIY television fixing tips. However, for all kinds of advanced problems/repairs, you can connect with the trained and verified who crack several television set issues, professionally.

Though the early 90s saw the birth of first true television, the immense development in the technological field has led to the introduction of the latest LED television with advanced features and more. With the development of technology, the issues have also grown parallelly.

To repair the fundamental issues of television, one should possess the following kit:

  • Large needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Iron 60W Hakko 503F
As the television set contains extremely high voltages (greater than 30,000), it is mandatory that one should be wearing safety glasses and gloves while fixing the television.

Blurred picture
The most common malfunction in televisions is blurry or snowy visuals. The major reason for this issue is that the connecting coaxial cable is loosely connected, disconnected, or clogged. To sort out this issue, check the connections and also untangle it if any. If the problem persists, try connecting the same cable with another television, and if you can still experience poor visuals, then you can assure that it is cable default. The replacement of cables is easy and affordable. They are also available in electric shops in various colours and lengths.

Colour blotch
The blotches of colour is another common problem that needs to be fixed. The problem will be particularly apparent in the edges of the television. The major cause of the issue is that the equipment gets magnetized, as the TV is placed near another electronic equipment. Though televisions have a circuit that will automatically de-magnetize the screen, sometimes the circuit gets damaged, and thus, the colour blotch is caused. To fix, you can replace the magnetic coil. They are easily available in all hardware stores. If you are not good at dealing with electronic items, you can hire a professional technician for this issue.

Inappropriate shutdown
If the television switches off automatically, then it is majorly because of overheat. In this case, disconnect all the cables and allow complete ventilation to the equipment. Clear if there is dust around the set. It will highly help in getting rid of random shut off.

The above three are the common television problems, and they can be sorted out by yourself. However, while fixing the television one should gear up with utmost safeness. Else, it might be a fatal incident.

If you are experiencing any kinds of television problems, feel free to contact experienced TV repair technicians who are service providers in Sulekha, the fast and free way to get experts.

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