Ridiculously Easy Pizza Recipes

  • If you’re always craving for pizza, but your wallet says otherwise, it’s about time you made good use of your efficient oven. As long as it doesn’t play spoil sport by acting up, whipping up a quick pizza can be a piece of cake. Most of the time, you don’t even need to buy gourmet food products to make one at home.

    If you are ready to think outside the box, with just some staple mozzarella cheese for company, here are 5 restaurant-style pizzas you can make in a jiffy!

    Sandwich bread Pizza

    Who said that the pizza base should always be round? Your sandwich bread would work just fine as the perfect base for your home-made pizza. Blend some ripe tomatoes, with garlic, olive oil, pepper and salt, to use as the spread. Top with ample amounts of cheese and vegetables or meat of your choice and bake till the cheese melts and the bread browns a little. That’s it! Can it get easier than this?

    Instant Pizza

    If you’ve already bought your pizza base from the super market, but running out of topping ideas, look no further than your fridge! That left over chicken curry, that spicy paneer dish or even that grilled chicken from yesterday can work as a yummy pizza topping. Use the same tomato spread from above on your base, shred the left over chicken or paneer and top it with some cheese. Add some green chilies and onions for an extra punch and bake till done!

    Fruit Pizza

    When you can put together a simple dessert pizza with the same ease of making a savoury one, why would you say no? This dish is not overly sweet and can be made with some basic ingredients readily available in your neighbourhood. For this pizza, you have to beat some cream cheese with sugar as per your liking. Layer your pizza base with ample amounts of this spread. Top it with fruits of your choice and bake for a few minutes before you enjoy this simple dessert!

    Onion Pizza

    Not the boring kind, promise! Onions, caramelised in butter can taste like heaven. Spread your pizza base with our now staple tomato spread and top it with some caramelised onions and green chillies. Be lavish on the cheese and bake till it melts. Trust us, you’ll look at onions differently after this delight!

    Cracker Pizza

    Care for a crisp pizza? These bite sized wonders are so yum and equally easy to make. Some Monaco biscuits (or any crackers), tomato spread(or chopped tomatoes), chopped onions, chillies, and cheese are all you need to whip this up! Layer your Monaco with all the ingredients and bake for a few minutes just till the cheese melts. Serve hot!

    As easy as they all sound, without a good oven, trying this at home is going to remain a distant dream. Make sure you fix your faulty microwave ovens with a professional before you start your master chef journey!

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