Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

Neha Xavier 5 years ago

We always end up having so much leftover food, and without the refrigerator, it would be so challenging to store the food. From keeping your fruits and veggies fresh to helping save cooked food, a fridge helps in so many ways. You can even make ice-cream or keep store-bought ice-cream in the freezer. If you practice weekly meal preparation, then also the refrigerator is indispensable to you and your family.

Being quite expensive, if you want to avoid buying a new one or unnecessary repairing, then follow these tips to keep your refrigerator as good as new.

1. Clean the fridge – It is essential to keep your fridge clean both inside as well as outside. Make it a habit of regular cleaning of the refrigerator. Clean the outside with a damp cloth. For the inside use, a detergent soaked water, wipe it clean with a wet cloth. For spots spray some soap water, keep it for at least 30 minutes. You scrape with a scrubber and then wipe it off.

2. Keep the coils dirt-free – The coils tend to gather a lot of dust and dirt. It can lead to malfunctioning of the coils. The coils conduct heat and are crucial to the functioning of the refrigerator. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust. Do not let the dust get accumulated for a long time. Frequent cleaning is very crucial for the coils.

3. A full refrigerator
– The more the refrigerator stays full, the better it is for the fridge. A full fridge distributes cooling and heating evenly. Whatever food you have to store them an evenly distributed pattern. It will help keep food fresh for longer. Try to avoid gaps in shelves for food distribution. Keep food on each shelf and do not let any particular shelf stay empty.

4. Temperature check – The optimal temperature of the fridge can be maintained by manually adjusting the temperature according to the type of food kept and its placement. If you have a smart or intelligent refrigerator, then it will adjust the temperature as according to its need. Adjusting the temperature helps the fridge perform much better than without adjustment.

5. Deodorize and replace the water in ice-maker – If you feel your fridge has become smelly, then use a deodorizer. Even cut pieces of lemon left open acts as an excellent deodorizer for the refrigerator. Make sure to remove any stale food. The water in the ice-maker should also be removed if it is not used for a long time.

6. Keep the backside of fridge free
– The coils present at the back of the fridge and other apparatus releases heat. Keep a gap between the refrigerator back and the wall. Do not lean it or stack it against the wall directly. Keep a considerable gap between the fridge and the wall. Do not let there be any obstruction.

7. Place the refrigerator on a stand
– Keep the refrigerator on a stand. It would help facilitate cleaning under the fridge. Use a good stand which is appropriately suitable for the model of the fridge you are using. Make sure it has the weight evenly distributed. You can use a plastic stand as it will not rust or suffer from any damages like rust.

8. Care for the door – The door suffers from most damage when it comes to the refrigerator. As the door gets opened and closed frequently, it is more prone to damage. If it is not closed properly, hot air will enter the fridge and damage the working of the refrigerator. Shut the door each time after use. Most modern fridges will alert you if it is not closed properly. Replace the gasket if you feel it is not sealing properly

Little maintenance and upkeep go a long way. It keeps your appliances almost new and working for a long time. Adopt the above-mentioned tips to make sure the refrigerator stays in great condition for a longer duration. For professional assistance to deep clean or fix your refrigerator, you can always connect with refrigerator repair experts.

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