Water Heater buying guide - india

Jenson 4 years ago
Water heaters are not something that you go out and buy now and then. There is no shame in not knowing all the different options and categories available in water heater segment. You may only be buying it once or twice in your lifetime. That makes it more crucial to choose the right water heater for you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking to install a water heater for the first time or want to replace your old one, you’re at the right place. Go through the list of different water heaters we have mentioned below and decide better when the time arrives.

1: Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters-
Storage tank water heaters are the most common water heaters used in India. Primarily used for home and domestic purposes, this type of heaters stores water in their storage capacitor and heats the water within a few minutes. The capacity of the tank determines how much water is available at your disposal. Storage tank water heaters can be used in a limited amount daily. Getting a massive amount of hot water in one go is not possible with these heaters.

2: Tankless Water Heaters-

Tank-less water heaters as the name suggests, it has no water storing tank to heat the water. They use superheating coils through which cold water passes and gets heated instantly providing endless hot water supply on demand. This is a good alternative for big families where a large quantity of hot water is required on a daily basis. They feature modern technology to execute continuous hot water supply and are more energy-efficient than conventional heaters. While buying such heaters keep in mind that they come in many shapes and sizes for various household requirements, so choose wisely.

3: Heat Pump Water Heaters-

Heat Pump Water heaters use 60% less electricity than other heaters because they don’t use electric power to heat the water directly. Instead, it uses heat from ground and air to heat the water. These heaters generally require more extensive space for fitting as there are different parts of the radiator to be set up in the house. The storage tank, pipes and pump should be aligned together, which can take up to 8 feet of vertical space. Also, because there are different parts involved, regular cleaning and maintenance are required by these types of a water heater. It is a good alternative for people looking to cut down their electricity bill.

4: Solar Powered Water Heaters-

This type of water heaters uses solar energy to heat water, making it the favourite method of heating water for environmentalist and nature lovers. If you’re planning to set up a solar panel in your house, this is the best type of heater you can incorporate. The heat from the sun is collected and transferred to water in a closed-loop pipe system through conduction. This is well suited for people living in sunny and warm places. If you choose to set up a solar-powered water heater, you might have to consider an alternate way to get hot water on a cloudy day.

5: Condensing Water Heaters-

For families using natural gas as the primary energy source in their home, this type of water heaters is the perfect tool to get hot water at a little cost. For this type of water heater, you will require a storage tank with a built-in coil that funnels natural gas fumes to heat the water, saving a lot of energy. Purchase a large container, so you don’t have to wait for long frequently. 
 Though there are many options available in the market, remember that every one of them provides the same solution. Choose a heater that suits best for you, and if you are replacing your heater due to any maintenance issue, get verified Geyser technicians and get your old geyser working soon.

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