Why your refrigerator makes noises

Rohit .G 11 years ago

Gone are the days when our refrigerators made a loud buzz to show off that is working. Today’s refrigerators come with silence as their USP.

But even the most silent fridge will occasionally seem to get out of the slumber and make a few noises. These may or may not be worrying to you if you go through the following points.

  • Refrigerators typically have a drip pan at the bottom where water from the freezer drains through a pipe during a defrost session. Usually this water should evaporate. In case it doesn’t, you will hear the water drip into the pan and you can remove it and empty it. If it rattles check the supports holding the pan.
  • If the noise is coming from the back, there could be a few things that are the problems. If there is a louder sound when the compressor starts, it is not to worry about. The compressor will soon soothe out once the pressure balances. If however your fridge is not cooling despite the sound of the compressor working, there could be a problem that may need expert attention.
  • Vibrating noises are often caused by dishes or other containers vibrating on a shelf inside. You can move the dishes around to see if that helps. Other times the vibrations may be caused by something on top of the refrigerator. Make sure fridge is not touching the wall or any other object close by.
  • If your condenser fan motor and blade is filled with dust or dirt, you will hear air rushing. Clean this area with a wet cloth.
  • If you notice a sound coming from the freezer, it is the evaporator fan motor which circulates air thorugh the refrigerator and freezer. As the fan gets older and worn out, the moving pieces in the fan motor can start to make strange noises. When you hear the noise, quickly open the freezer door and manually press the door switch. If the noise is louder, then the motor is causing your problem. The motors are not repairable; you just replace the entire unit.

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