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    Building Consultants & ContractorsThings To Watch Out When Renovating Your Home

    The home renovation helps in improving the property's net worth. Additionally, you can get a fresh new home with all the comfort you require and meet with all your expectations within your...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsDos and Donts of building a house

    Aathirai 6 years ago

    Building a house is not an easy task. It is a huge undertaking, and one might get stressed at the very starting stage of the building construction. There are also pitfalls which you need to be...

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    Building Consultants & Contractors How to Minimise the Construction Cost Effectively?

    Aathirai 6 years ago

    Even when the experienced professionals estimate the construction cost, there will always be a mismatch between the estimated price and the real amount spent. In reality, there are many ways by which the money drains irrespective of the type of construc...

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    Building Consultants & Contractors7 Types Of Swimming Pools You Can Install In Your Backyard!

    Planning to install a sweet swimming pool in your backyard this summer Well, sit back. Here are a few types of swimming pools you can install according to your needs and area size.Infiniti...

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    Building Consultants & Contractors7 Types Of Residential Apartments In India

    Devi Bhuvanesh 7 years ago

    The vertical growth in cities is quite evident by looking at the residential apartment complexes, shopping malls, multi-storeyed office spaces, technology parks, etc. Nowadays, there are several options to choose from when it comes to residing in an apa...

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    Building Consultants & Contractors7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rain Water Harvesting At Home

    Elisa Vincent 8 years ago

    Even though we have an abundance of water in this world, the amount available for drinking is limited. This water shortage prompted various countries to store and reuse even the limited rainwater...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsTips to select the right building contractor

    Deeksha Kapoor 8 years ago

    Choosing the right design for your home and refurbishing it in the stipulated time period is not an easy task unless you find the best Building Contractor. But before choosing a building...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsChennai rains: Social media paved way for the rescue mission

    Monica 9 years ago

    It’s some curse or nature’s fury that transformed the tranquil #Chennaicity to a place of hell; residents moving to their natives, devastating #floods, unidentified epidemic...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsSave Every Drop Of Water With Rainwater Harvesting!

    Sonali 9 years ago

    Water is the main element that sustains our mother earth and as author Richard Heinichen says “All water is rain water.” So how does one save this precious resource from getting...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsPool Pleasure in Your Home!

    PraptiBagga 11 years ago

    Having a swimming pool at home was once considered the ultimate mark of luxury. We’ve all dreamed of having our own private pools and, for a majority of us, that reverie hasn’t quite...

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    Building Consultants & ContractorsBuilding Barriers to Termites

    P K Geetha 12 years ago

    Termites can ‘attack’ any type of building, whether, RCC or masonry, old or new or basement. They make their way even through a small gap of 0.5mm by constructing mud-tubes to get...

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