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as on Jun 21, 2021
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  1. SPM Constructions

    Sriperumbudur, Nenmeli

    Residential Home Builders, Residential building contractors

    +91 9894604721
    No. 77-A, Bangalore Main Road,Sriperumbudur, Nenmeli, Sriperumbudur - 602105
  2. V Homes

    Sriperumbudur, Nenmeli

    Residential Home Builders, Residential building contractors

    +91 9884500393
    No. 2, 2nd Floor, Kambar Street,Sriperumbudur, Nenmeli, Sriperumbudur - 602105
  3. Midax Construction Pvt. Ltd.

    Sriperumbudur, Ramanujar Nagar

    Residential Home Builders, Residential building contractors

    +91 9952673318
    No. 4, Gandhi Nagar,Sriperumbudur, Ramanujar Nagar, Sriperumbudur - 605102
  4. Civil contract works indujual house

    1/154 Perumal koil st, Somangalam

    Residential Home Builders, Residential building contractors

    +91 9445550036
    1/154 Perumal koil st, Somangalam, Sriperumbudur - 600069 Get Directions

What Are The Advantages Of Opting For Home Builders In Oragadam, Sriperumbudur?

For individuals nowadays, getting an aesthetic home is one of the biggest achievements. It is a commonly observed fact that constructing or buying a house is a once in a lifetime activity. This is the reason that the right construction of a house needs construction experts. By opting for home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur you can avail the best-tailored services. Note that building your dream home can be an exhilarating experience. With professional home builders, you can have a home as per your needs.

The home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur help you to get a home in your preferred neighbourhood

Well, a downside of purchasing a home is that of its unsuitable location. However, with the help of a custom home builder, you can effectively address this problem. They would first consult with you to know about your locational preferences. All you need to do is to collaborate with your home builder. They would analyse the neighbourhood first before continuing with the construction work. With home builders, you can also have a greater say in the overall design of the house.

Home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur let you select materials

When you avail the services of a home builder, you would have greater freedom in selecting the raw materials. Note that constructing a home is a once in a lifetime activity. Thus, it is important that the raw materials of construction are selected carefully. The home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur would seek your consultation in the selection of raw materials. In this manner, you would have the chance to select sustainable and efficient materials.  

The prospect of sentimental value

Imagine having a home that has been designed and constructed for you! Well, the sentimental value of your own home can never be undermined. Irrespective of whether you stay or not in your new home, its value would always matter to you. With the help of home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, you can also emphasise on certain intricate designs. Professional home builders also tend to possess good connections with building material suppliers.

The home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur are reliable

Always remember that a professional builder would always communicate to you concisely. The builder would also let you know the starting and finishing dates of the housing project. Interestingly, the home builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur would also provide you with valuable inputs on the type of building materials used. However, you need to fix a prior meeting with them to make them understand your preferences about the designs. This would also enable the builder to keep track of your vision.

The charges of hiring builders to build your dream home in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur

To be precise, the charges of hiring builders in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur vary from one place to the other. So, let’s have a general overview of the cost of hiring builders for your home in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur.

Super Built-up Area

Area of Terrace

Rate per square feet

3600 square feet


INR 7000

3800 square feet


INR 7500

4500 square feet


INR 8000

4700 square feet


INR 8500

When the context is about the construction of your own home, opting for professional builders is the best choice. They are the best persons to get approvals from local authorities regarding construction. They are also well aware of the codes and ethics of local buildings.

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