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    Best Horse Riding Schools as on Mar 17, 2018

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    1. +91 11 40127357
      Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Janak Horse Riding Club, Gurgaon, is one of the finest in NCR area and is indeed one of a kind. Founded in 1995, the club promotes equine sports and activities. Several sportspersons from the club have represented and excelled in various horse shows & championships. Nested in the greens of Gurgaon extension but still 10-15 mins away from anywhere in the city, the club offers serene natural surroundings and chattering bird noise while the riders enjoy their ride.

      Our club members come from different strata of the society, nationals of various countries, of all ages ranging between 5-60 years; some as far as 50 kms from Delhi to follow their passion which we share with them and support it by impeccable and friendly service. Our horses are healthy, well trained and friendly for even toddlers to enjoy their joy ride. The promoters have nearly 40 years of experience in running equestrian clubs and horse breeding through their Rajasthani heritage.

      Benefits of Horse Riding

      Each 40 mins session of riding & equestrian yogo burns more than 200 calories.
      Is equal to 60 mins workout in a gym.
      Is an excellent stress buster and the bond between the rider & the horse is the only focus.
      Above all it's pure fun, makes people happy.

      It is essential when riding to be wearing the correct attire to avoid injuries and discomfort while riding.

      A riding hat or helmet
      Must be explicitly designed for riding. The bicycling helmet is not recommended. It is for rider security so we can't allow anyone to ride without the helmet.

      Riding pants
      Legs must be fully covered and though riding pants are recommended for regulars to ensure the rider does not develop welts on his/her legs. The first couple of sessions can be taken in long pants or jeans.

      Riding boots with hard sole shoes:
      Not only it protects the lower part of the legs and feet; it is essential, so the rider has a firm grip in the stirrup.


      Therapeutic Riding - Horse Therapy for Special Needs Children
      Janak Horse Riding Club benefits children and adults who have a variety of special needs relating to very wide range of disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, substance abuse, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, amputation, developmental disorders, spinal cord injury, brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorders, visual and hearing impairment, learning disorders, emotional problems, anxiety disorder, behavioral problems, and other problems. Riding horses improves muscle tone, balance, posture, motor coordination, concentration, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

      Our Horses
      Janak Horse Riding Club has 15 horses & ponies, all trained so children and beginner riders can enjoy riding them. All horses have been named after their personality traits and have unique qualities in them. Very friendly for newcomers or experts riders alike there are three jumping horses especially competitions.

      The Area
      The riding is done in two very open fields away from the noise and traffic of the city in a very natural environment with birds chirping and magical sunset & sunrise views. The smaller area is used in the initial sessions for basic training and once the rider has got necessary handling skills they are allowed to take the horse in the broader field.

      Cross Country Rides
      Experts riders are often taken out of cross country rides very early morning in a batch of ten or more. The cross-country rides give a breathtaking experience as the riders cross vast fields, villages, small hills etc. taking a scenic view of the countryside but also enjoying the mesmerising strength, stamina and speed of the horses.

      Horse Safaris
      During winters we also arrange special horse safaris in Rajasthan where the riders can go for nearly 50 kms every day and enjoy camping at night.

      Horse Grooming & Fulltime Stable Services
      Besides these, we also provide stable & grooming services to horse owners or those who aspire to keep one but are unable to provide 24x7 care.

      Birthday Parties & Functions
      We arrange specially decorated & groomed horses and staff for Children parties and events.

      Riding Gear
      All riding gear such as Helmets, Hats, Chaps, Riding Shoes, Gloves & Whips etc. are available to us. Members can purchase the items required by them.

    2. +91 98404 34554
      Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      No. 130, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Sholinganallur, Chennai - 600119

    3. +91 93310 05000
      Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Bangur BFL Estate 31 Chowringhee road, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016

    4. +91 98997 79013
      Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Noida sector 145 near by advant building, Nalgada, Noida - 201306

    5. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy
      Basic Horse Riding , Show jumping, Dressage.. Cross country.. Best Coach( twice Asian Games madelist) Horse hostel facility available
    6. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Mithla Nagar Colony, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034

    7. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Horse Riding Hub, Kazhakootam, Menakulam Beach, Kazhakkoottam, Trivandrum - 695583

    8. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy
      We are the ONLY professional Horse Riding Academy in Aurangabad. We not just train you for riding but we educate you through all the aspects of natural Horsemanship qualities. Services offered: Horse Riding sessions,Training Horses, trimming hooves, shoeing and much more fun activities for all.
    9. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      ,No. 29, Sangam Press Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411029

    10. Horse Riding Classes For Kids, Horse riding academy

      Plot No. 349, Rock Town, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Hyderabad - 500074