5 Interesting Housekeeping Gadgets For Your Home

Elisa Vincent 6 years ago

Housekeeping is a tedious process that involves mopping, sweeping and dusting. In the fast lives that we lead now, these time consuming activities are taking a backseat leading to messy homes. Just like how necessity is the mother of all inventions, technology has caught up with this need of ours. There are various gadgets available in the market now to make out housekeeping tasks easier.

Take a look at these 5 interesting gadgets for your home:

Robot vacuum cleaner

Various companies are now coming out with their version of this smart home device. It’s a small vacuum cleaner that can be made to clean the house by a program. This control center can be anywhere is the house.


Robomop, like its name suggests, is a robotic mob which moves around in circular motion and dusts the space. It is a small device and is perfect for cleaning difficult to reach spaces such as cleaning under furniture. The device is programmed in such a way that if it hits an obstruction it will change its direction and continue working.

Litter cleaner

If you have cats at home, then this litter cleaner is a dream product. When the litter is not cleaned regularly, cats go in search of other places at home. This automatic litter cleans self-cleans the box and makes the space hygienic for the cats.

Smart air purifier

This device is a dream come true for city dwellers who are constantly exposed to smoke, dust and polluted air. This air purifier is expected to clean the air of tobacco smoke, air contaminants etc. even at a turbo mode. The popularity of the product is such that various bands are now coming up with similar products to clean up the air we breathe.

Sanitizing wand

This wand works like a magic wand is sanitizing other products and kill up to 99%of germs and contaminants. Using advanced UV technology, this wand can be used to sanitize even the commonly used devices such as phones, keyboard etc. You can even carry this around to use while travelling.

The advancing technology is coming up with more and more such devices to make our work easier. However, India is only slowly adapting to such gadgets for our day to day work. Some of these products are also not every easily available in our markets today. Hence, housekeeping help is a necessity in houses and offices in India. Find the best housekeeping services here to keep your home and work space neat and tidy!

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