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In this fast-paced world, people are so occupied with their schedules requiring assistance in maintaining their home or commercial space clean. Housekeeping services come in for rescue to those who need help in maintaining their homes or commercial spaces. The housekeepers help keep the house or office clean and assist in keeping it well-organized and infection-free. A clean and well-maintained environment promotes a feeling of safety, comfort, and joy. The housekeeping services ensure you have a neat and clean home with no exposure to infections. Whether you are a working woman staying with a family or a bachelor staying away from home, housekeeping services always come in handy.

Housekeeping Services & Types

Housekeeping generally includes cleaning the entire house or commercial space. The basic housekeeping services include dusting, vacuuming, cleaning dirty surfaces, disposing of trash, etc. It also involves some outdoor chores, such as watering plants, removing leaves from rain gutters, doing laundry, sweeping doormats, organizing closets, and washing windows. There are two types of housekeeping

  1. Domestic Housekeeping- Involves maintaining homes, kitchen, dining, bedrooms, living area, washrooms, and other surroundings.
  2. Institutional Housekeeping- Housekeeping in commercial establishments like hotels, offices, resorts, inns, hospitals, malls, etc.

The general housekeeping services offered by the professional firms include cleaning of houses, offices, showrooms, lobby, boardrooms, etc. The services provided are dusting, cleaning, sanitizing doors, windows, furniture, air vents, electronic appliances, deep clean the carpets, empty trash, etc.

The kitchen or cafeteria cleaning includes dusting horizontal surfaces, damp cleaning and sanitizing all chairs, tables, countertops, sinks, possible interior, and exterior kitchen appliances, removing stains and heel marks, etc.

Washroom cleaning includes cleaning and sanitizing floors, baths, toilets, mirrors, showers, cabinets, etc.

Window and door cleaning include dusting and cleaning the interiors and exteriors of windows and doors, cleaning the curtains and curtain walls.

Carpet cleaning includes deep cleaning of carpets, deep steaming, fabric partitions by removing spots and stains, deodorizing, drying, and putting it back to its work.

Bedroom cleaning includes dusting, cleaning, sanitizing the ceilings, beds, cleaning cupboards, replacing old bedsheets with new ones, etc.

The housekeeping services offer all these various housekeeping services based on the specific needs and clients’ requirements. Various firms in <city> help in hiring the best housekeepers or maids on a need basis. They provide experienced, verified, and trustworthy professionals at your call. The price depends on the cleaning you require and the house or office area you need to be cleaned. The housekeeping service providers also offer exciting deals, discounts, and combos focusing on various housekeeping services matched with the latest cleaning technique for you to choose from.

Find the leading housekeeping services through Sulekha, which provides a comprehensive list of renowned, verified, and trustworthy firms and professionals. You can choose the best housekeeping services based on your location, popularity, ratings, and reviews on Sulekha.

Top-Rated Housekeeping Services in Ahmednagar

as on May 14, 2021
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  1. Marcos Security Force India Private Limited-Ahmednagar-Housekeeping Services

    Marcos Security Force India Private Limited

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    Marcos is one of the leading security service provider company on PAN India, we cater services to corporate, commercial, warehouse, manufacturing companies, residential security services & many more segments by providing highly trained security personnel. we have registered PASARA license for MAHARASHTRA, KARNATAKA, GUJARAT and DELHI.

  2. Flicker Facility Management

    Devacha Mala, Sangamner

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 9623555997
    House No. 72/71/8, Devacha Mala, Sangamner, Ahmednagar - 422605
  3. Houshkipping all-Ahmednagar-Housekeeping Services

    Houshkipping all

    State Bank chowk, Bhingar, Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 9130104028

    all houshkipping

  4. Smita housekeeping services

    , Ahmednagar - 414003

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 7020025545
    Ahmednagar - 414003
  5. Triumph Facility Management-Ahmednagar-Housekeeping Services

    Triumph Facility Management

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    Triumph Facility Management is an integrated Facility Management Company where our prime focus is to provide expert support and maintenance services to our clients. Our integrated facilities management solutions take into account customers' day-to-day requirements and provide specialised care and maintenance of complexes. We take pride in our work and value our customers. Triumph specialises in providing domestic/residential, commercial, industrial, constructional cleaning services ranging from a ...

  6. Hundekari Group-Ahmednagar-Housekeeping Services

    Hundekari Group

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 7798209483

    Professionelly Housekeeping Service.*** Value of Money***Hygine Mantain. Well Trend Staff***

  7. Ganraj Enterprises

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 9613539613
    7/1 Hirkani Hsg Soc Shinde Nagar Old Sangavi Pune, Pimpri, Pimpri Chinchwad - 411035 Get Directions
  8. Royal Facility Management Services-Ahmednagar-Housekeeping Services

    Royal Facility Management Services

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    Housekeeping.pantry boy.office support.deep cleaning. Sanitization office. Cook services. Receptionist services.

  9. Jannat Quick Job Services

    Also Servicing in Ahmednagar

    Housekeeping Services

    +91 8108149957
    No. 121, Galli No. 6, KC Marg, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400050

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Housekeeping Service in Ahmednagar available on Sulekha for immediate hiring

Housekeeping involves managing and practicing chores of the house, residential building or society, commercial establishments, and industries. We all need Housekeeping no matter where we live or work. At Sulekha we provide you as much housekeeping staff as you may need. We have divided the housekeeping into 3 major categories. Housekeeping for homes, housekeeping for offices and commercial establishments, and housekeeping for industries.

Each of the categories requires different skill sets to perform duties although the primary target of the job remains the same. Industrial housekeeping and commercial housekeeping may require a number of staff than residential housekeeping. While there are some housing corporations and residential societies that also require a high number of staff but not as much as the commercial ones.

Tips To Choose Housekeepers near You

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. Hence, to keep your surroundings neat and clean, hiring professional Housekeepers is the first thing to do. Be it a home, or a yard, or an office space, the housekeeping experts will sanitize the entire area keeping the germs at bay. In Sulekha, you can get connected to the professional housekeepers near you.

Before hiring housekeeping experts, it is essential to do proper homework as it involves employing trustworthy housekeepers. Below are some of the tips to hire professional housekeepers in Chennai.

Type of worker

When it comes to hiring professional housekeepers near you, it is essential to choose what kind of housekeeper you are looking for. The housekeepers can be hired either as an independent worker or as a bonded worker from a cleaning company.

If the housekeeper is from the company, you can avail the bond/insurance from which you can claim for breakage or any kind of damages. However, if you want the same person to work at your place regularly, then you should choose the independent workers.

Word of mouth

The great way to find trustworthy housekeepers are from word of mouth. You can ask for referrals from your friends and family and get them to work at your place. Choosing the right housekeeper for you is not as easy as you think. They should correlate with your policies, work timing, and other necessary conditions. So, if your relatives or friends strongly suggest a housekeeper, then you can consider them in the first place.

Mandatory interview

Never appoint housekeeping without an interview. You cannot always be around your house or workplace, so it is necessary to discuss the timings. You can also list out your conditions like weekend works, daily works, special cleaning processes, etc.., Check if the housekeepers accept all these conditions and can work effectively. Also, discuss the salary and leave details in prior. Clarify them about the leave policies, so that you do not face any issues with cleaning.

During the interview, never forget to ask these questions:

  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Are you bonded and insured?
  • Can you provide a written contract?
  • Can you take care of pets?
  • Do you bring your own cleaning equipment?

Other than this, if you have any additional services to be requested, you can clearly discuss it with the Housekeepers during the interview process.

Tasks to be done

As discussed earlier, discuss the work tasks that the housekeepers have to do. The regular tasks include house-cleaning works like sweeping, mopping, etc.., In case of any special/additional tasks, it can be negotiated. The special works like cleaning the refrigerator, ovens can be done based on requests and paying additional charges.

It should also be noted that the housekeepers should not be often provided with tasks that involve working from a height without proper safety harnesses, climbing the ladders, etc.., These kinds of tasks shall be denied, and you can book

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FAQ - Housekeeping Services in Ahmednagar

  • What are the duties of a housekeeping staff?

    Housekeeping staff will normally take care of all your household chores. Some examples of the duties of the housekeeping staff are the following.
    • Managing the kitchen including cleaning the appliances in the kitchen like the microwave, cooking ranges, dusting of cupboards and cleaning the countertops. Sweeping and mopping floors.
    • Maintenance work around the house
    • Organizing the kitchen and putting the entire house in order.
    • Making the bed, changing sheets and curtains, carpet
    • Emptying the trash bin
    • Maintaining and regular cleaning of the bathroom
    • Cooking and setting the dining table and clearing off the table after dinner
    • Following any special instructions are given
  • Will the agency do a background check of the staff in Ahmednagar

    Yes, all the maids who are hired as housekeeping staff must undergo a background checks by the agency. A thorough check is done in order to give you a safe and reliable service. When conducting interviews, the agency will do a check for potential candidates and also ask for recommendations. So the housekeeping staff who gets sent to your home will be a trustworthy person.
  • How much does a housekeeping staff charge

    There are different slabs available for hiring housekeeping staff, if you want to hire for a month, then you will have to pay around Rs. 15000 to Rs. 30000. For an hourly basis, the charge will be as follows.
    • 8 hours – 8 to 10 thousand
    • 10 hours – 10 to 12 thousand
    • 12 hours – 12 to 15 thousand
  • Will the agency send a replacement staff in case the hired staff quits or takes leave?

    Yes in case the maid is sick or quits the job for no valid reason then you will be given a replacement service for the day. In case the maid has quit you will be assigned a new staff. However, do consult the replacement policy in order to be sure what terms are there for the service.
  • Are the housekeeping staff trained?

    Yes, al housekeeping staff are trained by the agency. Some experienced housekeeping staff may also receive outside training and may possess qualifications. They dress professionally and will behave in the most professional manner possible. There are some housekeeping staff who are specifically trained in certain tasks such as to make beds, clean carpet, help composting trash and others.

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