Critical Things To Know Before You Look For Housekeeping Services

Shobika 4 years ago

Housekeeping is a crucial task. Homeowners often struggle to strike a balance between house chores and work life owing to the rigorous nature of domestic works. Fortunately, many agencies offer different cleaning services but, it is not an easy task to bag suitable housekeeping service according to your needs.  

The importance of housekeeping

Broadly speaking housekeeping is a set of actions that keep a household functional and clean. Other duties include home maintenance, shopping for groceries and essentials. A housekeeper's job is critical, and it involves the following: 

  • Accident prevention – Toys scattered around the house can cause family members to trip and get injured. A housekeeper keeps the place tidy, thus diminishing the chances of fall. The housekeeper also ensures strict adherence to fire safety and helps prevent unfavourable circumstances.
  • Laundry – Many people find it challenging to keep up with laundry. A housekeeper does the laundry, and you will have a steady supply of washed, ironed clothes.

Steps to hire a housekeeperOnline agencies such as Sulekha help you find the right housekeeper for residential and commercial spaces. Follow the steps below and connect with housekeeping service centres fast and free on Sulekha:

  • Choose your service (housekeeping)
  • Select your type of property – residential, commercial or others
  • Specify the number of housekeepers you would need
  • Fill in your personal details.
  • Sit back and wait until the housekeeping service centres call you 

Tips to Hire a housekeeper

  1. Hire through an agency – It is best to hire a housekeeper through an agency. Such service providers have a steady supply of housekeepers, effortlessly match one of them according to your needs and provide you with extensive customer support.
  2. Background check – The service provider runs a thorough background check. It is imperative that the housekeeper is free from any criminal record. As the housekeeper will have access to your home and belongings, it is vital to dig into his/her background and work history. 
  3. Training – Understand the individual's workflow and provide him/her with appropriate training. It will help the staff fall in line with your work process.
  4. Salary and benefits – After you shortlist the candidates, make sure you discuss salary, benefits, vacation policies and additional tasks with them. Salary will be proportional to the candidate's experience and skill set. However, the salary will be high for a live-in housekeeper. Pay package includes bonus. Commercial housekeepers may need medical insurance.
  5. Casual and sick leaves – It is essential to discuss the number of days the housekeeper can take off in a month/year. Categorise the leaves into casual, sick and festival times and define it clearly to the candidate. 

If you like to come back to an organised and clean space, opting for housekeeping service is the perfect solution. Investing in housekeeping is worth every bit of the way.  You will get to enjoy a calm and relaxing life without the hassle of house chores.

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