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Planning to hire a new designer for your next project? If you need assistance from a professional designer for a commercial project, you need to search for the industrial architects in Sector 11. These professionals provide you valuable guidance with planning and proper execution of commercial units without any hassles.

Industrial Architects nearby Sector 11, Faridabad

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  1. JPJ Construction Pvt. Ltd.-Faridabad-Industrial Architects

    JPJ Construction Pvt. Ltd.

    Nehapar, Sector 85, Faridabad
    3 Reviews 5.7

    Industrial Architects

    JPJ Construction & Engineers welcomes you to the world of imagination and architectural rendering by displaying the attributes of a proposed design. In the business for more than two years, our team of skilled architects provides 2D & 3D elevation drawing, urban design and architect valuation for premises like hospitals, corporate and commercial buildings and urban landscapes for our clients based on their needs and for them to get a realistic idea.   Call us for our service. 

  2. DLD Group-Faridabad-Industrial Architects

    DLD Group

    SCO- 100, Sector 16, Faridabad
    6 Reviews 8.0

    Industrial Architects

    DLD Group is a full service provider firm for all segments in the filed of building industry. The group provides services in all the core areas such as architecture, interior design, engineering, project management and construction management. DLD is managed by a group of professional having vast industry experience. The core management team has a combined experience of 20 years in the filed of building industry in all the related fields of design & executions of various projects. Ethics is the ethos of DLD ...

  3. Jee Jee Design

    Greenfield Colony, Sector 41, Faridabad

    Industrial Architects

    Jee Jee Designs - Architect / Interior Design Firm JeeJee Designs is known as a full-service architect / interior design firm specializing in exclusive, cost-effective and luxurious interior design, detailing and space planning in India. JeeJee Designs is among the best architect / interior designers in India. We pride ourselves as one of the best residential and commercial interior designers in India. We pride ourselves in outshining the very depth of design by delivering in luxurious, creative and beauti ...

  4. Tanvir associate

    Badkhal Rd, Sector 19, Faridabad

    Industrial Architects

    -Urban Design Architects in Faridabad -2D Elevation Drawing Architects in Faridabad -3D Elevation Drawing Architects in Faridabad -Retail Store Design Architects in Faridabad -Elevation Architects in Faridabad -Structural Design Architects in Faridabad -Architect Valuers in Faridabad ...

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9th Jul, 2021

Thankyou soo much vay forward architects for making my home soo special. One of the best architect mr vibhor Never short of latest designs Highly recommended


The Role of Architects in Facilitating Sound Industrial Architectural Service in Sector 11, Faridabad

Nowadays the roles of architects are not only limited to design residences and monuments. The roles of architects are constantly evolving. With the advent of technology, there has been a huge demand for sound architecture in the industrial sector. This is the reason that it is common to see architects designing various industrial structures these days. An experienced architect would always explore the various areas before taking up a particular project. So let’s assess the role of architects in industrial architectural service.

They provide expert guidance while rendering industrial architectural service in Sector 11, Faridabad

To be precise, designing an industrial structure is an uphill task. Moreover, one has to file various applications and paperwork. This is where an architect for industrial structures comes to the fore. Furthermore, with the help of architects, you can easily complete a specific project within a stipulated time. An experience industrial architect would always strive to complete your project on time. The knowledge of the architect can greatly streamline the construction process.

Selection of materials and budgeting in industrial architectural service

It is usually difficult for someone to consider various aspects of budgeting and selection of materials. This is where an industrial architect comes to the fore. They possess the requisite expertise in designing industrial structures within a stipulated timeframe and budget. On the other hand, an architect is adept in selecting the best location on a site. They select an industrial site by keeping in mind various aspects. While rendering industrial architectural service they use passive solar techniques for optimal utilisation of solar energy.

Reviewing your bids and contracts

Apart from rendering architectural services, they also help you to review your bids and contracts. To be precise, industrial architects have years of experience in negotiating with various contractors. Moreover, they can also recommend competent contractors and weed out others. They also make sure that the contractor doesn’t enjoy any unfair advantage. They assess each bid proposal thoroughly so that there are no complexities involved in the latter stage. Reputed architects also try to match client and contractor personalities.

Helps you to lower operating costs

To be precise, architects employ all their skills to lower the operational costs of a project. Reputed architects would always try to maximise on the potential of your budget. They would try to create a unique and sustainable design based on your preferences.

Helps you with construction management

Construction of a particular industrial structure is not that easy. It usually involves a lot of intricate affairs. There are architects who can assume the role of a construction manager if the need arises. However, it is likely that they would charge extra for that. In that case, you have to communicate with them clearly so that they can know your views. They can also review additional expenses so that the construction process is on track.

The charges of industrial architects

The below table depicts the service charges of industrial architects. However, the figures are based on general approximation.

Built-up Area

Area of actual industrial costruction

(In Square Metres)

Rate per square feet

500 square feet


INR 10000

1000 square feet


INR 18000

1500 square feet


INR 25000

2000 square feet


INR 35000

They also specify the right heating and cooling equipment to lower the operating costs of your factory. Note that it is unlikely that you would opt for a renovation in a decade when it comes to your factory. So selecting an architect of repute is of great significance.

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FAQ - Industrial Architects in Sector 11, Faridabad

  • Who are industrial architects in Sector 11?

    The professionals who excel in formulating plans and communicating the same to the contractors are known as industrial architects in Sector 11. These professionals make sure that their designed plans are appropriately implemented to provide the best results to their clients. Right from planning and organising to preparing schedules, these professionals carry out all the intricate jobs to deliver the best outcomes in the architecture business.
  • Are industrial architects and industrial designers the same?

    Although the terms industrial architects and designers might sound similar to you, they do not perform the same job for their clients. Instead, the architects in Sector 11 mainly deal with laying out plans for the entire building. On the other hand, the industrial designers mainly deal with the interior layouts of the spaces within a specific structure.
  • What are the processes involved in industrial architectural services in Sector 11?

    The different processes involved in industrial architectural services in Sector 11 are:
    • Designing the schematic layout of the building
    • Developing the entire design of the building
    • Preparing appropriate construction documents for approval of the design
    • Bidding the prices
    • Proper administration of the construction work
  • What are the job responsibilities of the industrial architects in Sector 11?

    Just like the residential projects, the industrial ones also need the expertise of architects. The professionals that mainly deal with the layout designing for the commercial units like the shopping malls are termed as the industrial architects in Sector 11. As the industrial buildings are far more diverse in terms of uses as well as the structures, hence the job responsibility of the architects is slightly different. Some of the major works done by the professionals include:
    • Laying the designs for office buildings, markets, malls, exhibition venues, warehouses, etc.
    • Providing detailed designs of the infrastructures of public transportations like tunnels, bridges, airports, garages, etc.
    • Designing and organising press and media buildings, etc. Apart from these, the architects develop several strategies and plan to meet the unique requirements of the general public.
  • Why do we need industrial architectural services in Sector 11?

    There are different kinds of architectural services available in the market, depending on the type and requirements of the projects. In the case of the industrial sectors, the designing and planning of the buildings require separate expertise to cater to the needs of the general public. To understand and to deliver the best results for the benefits of the people, one needs to hire industrial architectural services for the development of the industrial buildings in Sector 11.
  • What are the fees of the industrial architects in Sector 11?

    The fees of the industrial architects in Sector 11 vary from one location to another. There are a few specific factors that govern the fluctuations in the charges of these professionals in the market. Some of these factors are:
    • The reputation and status of the professional in the industry
    • The scope as well as the demand of the project in the market
    • The area of the project
    • The location of the project
    • The type of raw materials used for the completion of the project
    • The kind of software used for designing the layout of the building
    • Tax considerations, etc.
    A closer study of these factors would help one to understand the fee structure of these professionals in the market. Here is a price table showcasing the charges of these professionals in the market:

    Types of services

    Charges per square foot

    Development of concept and drafts

    Starts from INR 500

    Preparation of the construction documents

    Starts from INR 350

    Project administration

    Starts from INR 600

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