Plywood: What, How, and When to Buy? : A brief introduction to Plywood

Harshavardini M 2 months ago
Plywood is not a word that is unfamiliar to you, but have you ever wondered what plywood is? Are you looking to know more about plywood and how and where to buy it in Chennai? Read further to know more about plywood.

Plywood gets its name from the word ‘plies,’ which refers to thin slices of wood; often under the breadth of 3mm, these plies are layered and stuck together to create what we call plywood. Plywood can easily be defined as engineered wood, which has a lesser tendency to crack, shrink or expand under pressure. The plywood is bonded with the help of wood grains and resin to increase the durability of the material.
Plywood can be used for four purposes, they are:

• Structural
• Exterior 
• Interior
• Marine

Plywood is used for these purposes due to the benefits it offers. There are a lot of benefits to using plywood. Some of them are:
• Consistent stability
• High-Resistance to impact
• High-temperature resistance
• Resistance against moisture
• Reinforced strength
• Durability
• Flexibility of the material
• Resistances to chemical corrosion

These are some of the most prominent benefits of using Plywood in construction. The affordability of the material also plays a big part in the demand for the material.

As a material with versatile purposes and flexibility, plywood can be used and applied in multiple places. Here are some of the uses and applications in which plywood can be applied:
• External Cladding
• Internal Flooring
• Doors- internal and external
• Framing of construction
• Interior joinery
• Exterior joinery
• Interior paneling
• Portal frames for large areas
• Interior railings
• Interior construction walls
• Exterior stairs
• Interior stairs

These are some of the places where plywood is commonly used. Apart from these, plywood can be used in many other applications depending on the person who is making use of the plywood. Plywood can also be used in the making of furniture and as part of your interiors, depending on the situation.

Just like any other material, plywood has its property and is available in different types; here are some of the types of plywood:
• Veneer core- basic plywood with bonded wood.
• MDF core- layered wood with multi-density Fiber.
• Lumber core-lumber wood in between veneer core wood.
• Apple ply-high-quality veneer wood with hardwood plies.
• Exterior sheathing- plywood with exterior glue on one side.
• Subfloor- waterproof plywood with greater thickness.

Plywood is also commonly differentiated according to the common sizes in which it is available. The common sizes are:
• 4 ft. by 4 ft.
• 4 ft. by 8 ft.
• 4 ft. by 9 ft.

Apart from the different types and sizes, plywood also has various grades, which can be defined as the various appearances of plywood that are commonly used and currently available in the Market. The various 

Grades of plywood are:
• Grade A: A defect-free plywood sheet that can be painted and stained
• Grade B: Budget-friendly plywood with a few fixable defects
• Grade C: Un-sanded 1 ½ inch plywood that has been fixed and can be used for subflooring.
• Grade D: Un-sanded 2½ inch plywood with some unfixed defects can be used in unseen construction places.

If you are new to buying plywood and are wondering how to get the best plywood and make sure you make a good purchase? Here are a few steps you can follow in order to get the best bang for your buck:

1. Ensure to get the perfect kind of plywood for your need.
2. Make sure that the plywood you are buying has an ISI certification.
3. Verify the warranty details of the plywood you are buying multiple times.
4. Conduct a thorough physical examination of the plywood that you are purchasing.
5. While examining, make sure that the thickness of the plywood is uniform throughout.

To ensure you get the best quality plywood, purchase it from the top plywood brands in Chennai. This would also improve your chances of getting a longer life for your plywood. Here are the best plywood brands in Chennai with the website of the plywood brand:

• Kitply
• Sharon ply
• Agni ply
• Wigwam plywood company-
• Archidply-
• Century ply-
• Duro ply-
• National ply-
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Sulekha will give you a list of the best plywood dealers near you, with the ratings and reviews of the dealer left by their prior customers. So, you can choose the best dealer and the dealer who will suit you. You can contact them further with the information available on the Sulekha website. 

Get the best deal with minimum effort.
Stay healthy and Happy!

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