Summer Decor Trends To Make Your House Look Cool

aathirai somasundaram 5 years ago

Nothing can light up your mood in summer like the boho-inspired home interior decoration. The patterns, colors, and textures give a boost of energy to you in bright summers. Celebrate your favorite season by updating it with these must-have boho décor items.

Rattan pendants

As the bohemian style is inspired from many cultures and tribes, it involves a lot of natural materials and textures. The materials like rattan are organic, eco-friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing. You don't need to be particular about the rattan pendants, but you can also experiment with other décor accessories made of rattan materials like baskets, containers, boxes and many other things. The lampshade is an easy update which can be attached to anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom. You can get them in various shapes and sizes.


You cannot skip this boho home décor, especially in the bohemian home interiors. The plants are a vital part of the boho style. If you think you cannot maintain plants, you can get small terrariums or cute cactus plants which do not need care or maintenance. You can also go for plant or botanical prints if you don’t want to keep plants. Try painting your own cactus or plants with watercolors or any other medium and frame it to display it on your gallery wall.

Hanging chair

Being carefree is the actual bohemian way, hang a rattan chair to your bedroom or outdoor space to give instant boho vibes. You can also opt for hammocks to add a twist to your interior style. As these chairs are hanging, it doesn’t use any space visually. Add a pillow or two to make it more comfortable. Additionally, you can change the pillow cover according to the season like opting for a sheepskin cover in winter or some banana leaf pillows in summers!

Woven wall décor or Macramé

The macramé is out of trend after the 1970s and it is trending again now. Depending upon the space available for décor and other factors, you can opt for large or small macramé. You can also get dyed macramé that are popularly available in the home depots. Add them as wall decors, woven hammocks, door curtains or anything else. The woven material adds a sense of comfort, while the fringes depict the original boho style.

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