9 Things To Do On The Internet That Will Change The Way You Look At It!

Elisa Vincent 4 years ago

Internet is like an endless ocean filled with opportunities. You can choose to while away your time scrolling through social media sites, listening to music, reading articles or playing games. While these are some of the common internet services we use, there are millions of unexplored and uncommon things you can do with the help of your trusted internet.

Here are 9 interesting things you can do on the internet!

Take a trip around the world on ‘Voyager’

If you’re craving to travel but your bank balance says otherwise, worry not. Google Earth’s new feature, voyager, brings the whole planet to life for you.

Pick up impressive magic tricks on Goodtricks

Want to be the center of attention at a party? Pick up some magic skills and watch people flock around you to watch. Goodtricks is armed with killer magic tricks that will never let you down.

Master a new language at Duolingo

Impress the French people on your trip to France with your impeccable french skills. A flair for languages, some patience and this website, is all you need to master this and many other languages in the world.

Spot free wifi zones with WifiFreeSpot

Running out of your inbuilt mobile data? Quickly reach out to the ‘wififreespot’ to find places in your city that offers free wifi and browse away!

Transfer huge files with Pando

Send huge files to anyone through the internet with Pando. And we mean 16 Gb huge!

Kill time livestreaming animals

There are various websites that offer you live streaming of animals right from the zoo. If you’re an animal lover with some time in hand, enjoy watching these animals as they go on about their daily lives. 

Touch up your photos on Pixlr

Have fun making your friends look fat, or make your Facebook profile picture look more chic with a contoured face are just some of the fun things you can do with Pixlr. Access it from your laptop, desktop or smartphone and do just about anything to your photos.

Get tech help from the ‘Tech Support Guy’

Forget calling those tiring toll free numbers for tech support for your computers. This online tech support guy is always around to give you some free advice on fixing your computer.

Hire a nag at remindme.com

For those people with whom the usual phone reminders don’t work, this website comes in handy. It pops up a new window on your computer screen to remind you of all those important dates and events. Don’t ever miss a birthday again.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what all you can do on the internet. Get an efficient internet connection with reliable internet service providers and experience a while new world of opportunities!

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