6 Common Inverter Problems You Should Know Right Now

  • The most crucial factor behind getting an inverter is to celebrate uninterrupted power service. But like any other machine, it is also prone to malfunction. If you wish to have a continuous power supply, then we have the guide for you! 

    Keeping the inverter clean can help extend its service. Always buy from reputed inverter dealers who specialise in top brands.

    The 6 common inverter problems1. Incapable of starting An inverter may not turn on for the following reasons:• Tripped – If you find the inverter fuse tripped, press the reset button to turn the inverter back• Faulty switch – If the switch for the power button is defective, ask a service expert for its replacement • Internal corrosion – Overflow of power can corrode and damage the circuitry inside the inverter.

    2. Failure to charge the battery

    When you inform an expert about your battery's inability to charge, he will look for the following aspects:• Spent up battery – He will replace the battery with a new one• Damaged rectifiers or fuses – The service expert can find a surge in power.He notices the burns left on rectifiers and molten fuses. In that case, he will replace the damaged parts.

    3. Less backup support

    If the inverter is not providing you with enough backup, then the problem might be with:• Battery status – If you have been using the inverter for a long duration, there is a chance that the battery has become negligible. In such a case, recharging is essential. But if you notice a drop in voltage, then only use the devices you need• Loss of electrolytes – It is the most common problem. Refilling with distilled water can resolve the issue

    4. Alarm not going off

    Overheating turns on the alarm. Under such circumstance, a professional will look into aspects such as:• Problematic fan – An inverter has a fan to cool off the machine. In case the fan fails to work, it sets the alarm to notify to turn the inverter off• Overload –the inverter that has been supporting a load higher than its capacity sends out a sound. In this case, unplug the unnecessary appliances to stop the alarm.

    5. Faulty LCD

    Two things can go wrong with the display:• Flickering display – A loose connection causes the screen to flicker. Check the power chord and reinstall it• Wrong codes – An incorrect configuration triggers the LCD to give out false or meaningless information. The professional service staff will inspect the circuitry and re-configure the codes on the requirement.

    6. Inverter fan noise

    The fan in the inverter will make noise if it is: • Dirty and dusty – Cobwebs growing around the inverter and specks of dust can lead the fan to make noises. Brush off the dust and clean the fan• Damaged – A broken part or loose wiring can damage the fan. It can make a rattling sound. Depending on its condition, the service expert may tell you to replace itMost of the latest models for inverters support sophisticated technology. Hence it is best to get it serviced by experts. Inverter dealers who buy and sell inverters are the best expert on maintenance. They always provide repairing and maintenance service. Getting an AMC for your inverter will help ensure a continuous flow of power. You no longer need to be afraid of power cuts! If your inverter has any of the above problems, connect with service experts and discuss the issues. Inverter service centres in Chennai, Inverter service centres in Bangalore, Inverter service centres in Delhi

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