7 Key Skills An Architect Must Have

  • Interested in designing houses and organising spaces? In that case, you must be interested in studying architecture. An architect is trained not only in the design and construction of the built environment, but also in endeavours ranging from conceptual problem-solving to project management. They are trained in several aspects, from historic preservation to structural engineering.

    Here’s how an architect works to add value to the design:

    1. Inquire

    The most important skill an architect must have is to solve specific problems. An architect must clearly understand the issue and address the same with the given set of requirements. The inquiry must solicit specific requirements and goals, as well as an understanding of how those requirements fit into the broader enterprise context.

    2. Integrate

    An architect must know how to integrate the solution for the given project in terms of business domain, enterprise concerns, industry standards, established patterns, and best practices. This will serve as the major benefit to design the project.

    3. Analyze

    With the available information, an architect must analyse the key elements of the problem, the relationship between them and how to deliver a high-value project by combining all these. Analysing is an important task which provides a basic idea for the project.

    4. Conceptualize

    After analysing, the architect needs to create a conceptual vision of the solution. It can be in the form of a conceptual architecture diagram which shows the interaction with other system and the major logical functions and data that it must perform or use.

    5. Abstract

    Abstract helps the architect to give a clear picture of the project and communicate the key details of the project. This can be accomplished through the use of architectural viewpoints, such as business, information, application, and technology perspectives.

    6. Visualize

    To design an architectural model, the best way is to represent the same in the form of visuals. Each level of abstraction can be depicted through drawing. So, the next important key skill and function of the architect is to create visual renditions of the different abstractions and viewpoints.

    7. Enable

    After the design is ready, formalised and communicated, an architect must be able to achieve the design as planned and functional. This is the single most important activity architects can do to make their architecture real.

    To excel in this field, it is important to get trained under the experts. If you are aspiring to become an architect, enrol yourself in the best architect job training and improve your skills!