What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

Abenaya Gunasekaran 6 years ago

Most of our mid-life crises seem to have arrived earlier. I’m sure most of the people in their early twenties agree to this. Somewhere between engineering colleges and a corporate job, our passions took a step (or hundred) back. However, it’s not too late to pursue on your dreams if you link your passions to mainstream career. Here are the list of five off-beat career options that bring you not just exposure, but the satisfaction of doing something you’ve always wanted.

1. Bartending

Got a way with bottles?

Though bartending was initially intended as a side profession, bartending gradually has turned into a mainstream profession with professional training courses for the same.

2. DJ

Who cares about getting passes for the afterparty if your life is a party in itself?

DJs have been increasingly sought after the rise in the party scenes in the country over the last few years or so. A little music knowledge and a lot of passion and creativity can get the crowd grooving to your beats!

3. Radio Jockey

Ever been criticized of being a chatterbox-cum-entertainer? Well, who said you can’t cash in with that skill?

Radio Jockey Training classes are even conducted by popular RJs who have made a mark in the field.

4. Entrepreneurship

Are you the kind of person who hates the typical 9 to 5 job and want to start out as a self-made man?

Then, entrepreneurship is your calling. Get trained in communication, interpersonal skills and so many more by successful businessmen who show you how to do it right

5. Fashion

What’s on your mind every time you see a fashion show? Do you aspire to create your own line of clothing someday?

Don’t shelf that thought, you could be the next big designer. Take up fashion designing and get your passion trained professionally!

While it’s hard to leave a mainstream career for off-beat courses, you’ll soon realise that there’s nothing quite like following your dreams. Do what’s you, and the money will follow!

Follow your dreams here!

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