Everything You Wanted To Know About Vertical Gardens!

Elisa Vincent 7 years ago

What is a vertical garden?

Vertical gardening is a method where the plant are grown on walls, or on vertical spaces using pots, gutters, trays, or man-made flower beds. From vegetables and herbs to flowering plants, you can easily plant them all on vertical spaces. With the help of a professional vertical garden expert, you can convert even a small area into a flowering garden. 

How is it better than the traditional gardens?

Verticals gardens have various benefits over the traditional gardening method:

  • It requires less space as vertical gardens are usually grown on sunny walls.
  • They can grow up to 50 plants in a tiny 4 sq. ft. space because of the nature of this gardening.
  • It can be comfortably maintained even by senior citizens as it involves much lesser bending and weeding than a traditional garden.
  • These gardens look more attractive and gives a face lift for drab home walls.

Vertical garden Ideas for homes!

While it might look like a lot of effort has gone into it, in reality, with minimal help from a professional, you can utilise some home essentials to create a stunning vertical garden:

Soda bottles

The soda bottles you might otherwise throw away can be converted into a small vertical herb garden with some help. For this all you need to do is, create holes on the bottles, fill it with soil, plant the seeds and hang the bottles on wires. You can get professional help to make the frame work so that it remains sturdy and looks neat.

Hanging pots

This is the most commonly seen form of vertical garden. The landscaping contractor will help you with holders on the walls where the pots can be kept. As long as you ensure that there is enough sunlight on the chosen wall, this garden is pretty easy to maintain. You can choose from succulents to flowering plants here.

Wall Gutter plantation

These hollow half cylinders are perfect for small rows of bushes on the wall. As long as there are drainage holes for this and ample sunlight, these plants are sure to thrive.

Hanging gutter

Instead of fixing the gutters to a wall, you can even let it hang vertically. This is innovative and perfect to create a boundary between a private veranda and an open garden.

Wall lawns

Why should lawns always be on ground level? A little bit of changing up would give you these trendy green walls. You might need coir bed structures to be mounted on the walls to create this garden. Professional vertical garden experts would be able to provide you with the trays or the structures required for this.

The high point of a vertical garden is that it can be incorporated with ease even indoors. They are sought after not just for the aesthetic value, but also for the improved air quality it provides. You can choose from low maintenance succulents to herbs or lawns for your living room walls and the best part is that it takes up no extra space!

Flower walls

Flower walls are another beautiful trend you must incorporate at home. Choose a bushy plant which flowers profusely and plant them close together on pots, gutter structures or trays. Make sure that you choose a place which has ample sunlight.

Vertical planters

Vertical standing planters are perfect to be moved around according to the need. These structures can be used as a prop for lawn party or a couple of them can be used as a divide between two areas at home.

If you’ve been inspired by any of the trends mentioned above, reach out to the best vertical garden landscaping experts in your city to avail their services!

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