10 Different Stages Of Learning A New Language

Devi Bhuvanesh 8 years ago

Learning a new language is absolutely crazy and fun! Well, any person starts learning a totally new unknown language with interest or with some purpose. Learning a language allows us to better perceive how other people think, or even understanding how an entire culture functions.

If you have attempted to learn a new language, then you might have gone through the following 10 stages in life:

1. You are damn excited to learn a new language

Whenever you start a new task, it's super exciting at first! You feel it’s all easy and never find it difficult at all! Before you even get started, you even start dreaming yourself speaking the language flawlessly with natives, impressing everyone around you. You’re super excited and decide to buy every book on the language you can get your hands on.

2. You are motivated to learn new things

You love your class and your work comes back with little or no corrections at all. Well, that motivates a person a lot! You start reading articles and browse about the language and some specialty about it.

3. You start using the few words you learnt

Just because you have started learning a new language, you intend to show off to your friends by replying to friend’s texts with very basic words in the language you are learning. You tell yourself you’ll memorize something like 50 new words and study 5 hours every day which actually never happens though!

4. Everyone starts appreciating and you feel proud of yourself

“Wow! Awesome…That’s Nice” – A reaction which most often given by your friends and relatives with a surprised look when they learn that you are learning a new language. Hearing to such comments, you feel like you have achieved something great in life!

5. You easily start recognising words

Finally, you start getting a hang of the language. You’re really excited about yourself. You feel so happy in using the words you learn. While browsing channels in TV, you get super excited if you find a channel of the language you are learning. You start connecting each word with what you have learnt!

6. After a while, you are confused with the exact meaning

One day, you figure out that’s not going to happen. You find a person who speaks the language you learn and while speaking with him/her, you realize that you are not able to understand even a line of what the person spoke! You literally have no clue with the language and you can’t even guess it.

7. Someone comments you are wrong. You sound grammatically incorrect

You actually start going through some of your glossy textbooks and notes that you had bought a few weeks ago. You start struggling to find the right words and grammar to answer questions

8. You start giving up to learn big sentences

"How do I not know this?" is the thought you have at all times while doing dealing with this language. You've practiced and practiced but feel like you haven't made any progress. You begin to think that you're just not made out to learn different languages.

9. You suddenly get the boost to start studying hard 

You finally pull yourself together and restart learning the language. You’ve found your inner force back again. You decide you’ll speak that language perfectly before ever opening your mouth with a native.

10. Finally, it all makes sense! It does help you somewhere someday

That’s it! You can speak the language! All these years of work really did pay off after all. You feel confident to land up and meet people in the country where they speak the language you learnt. It does make sense now!

Have you gone through many, if not most of these stages in your language studies? Start enjoying and find the best foreign language coaching center at your locality!

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