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      Best 3 Computer Motherboard Repair Services in Garia, Kolkata as on Oct 24, 2017

      1. LG Computer Motherboard Repair Services, Computer repair & services
        Netware Infotech promises to resolve any computer problems within one working day. Our enterprise with many years of experience has the best-trained personnel to extend various computers repair services. They are equipped with modern infrastructure to take care of desktops, motherboards, laptops, software/OS installation, data recovery, and computer chip level servicing. We have the capability to handle any computer issues. Give our service centre a call.
      2. LG Computer Motherboard Repair Services, Computer repair & services
        Simran Infotect established in 2006 as a computer maintenance service provider dealing with brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, HCL, Compaq, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Asus, Samsung, LG and many others. Our service centre has well-equipped repairing lab containing all the modern tools like BGA machine, BIOS copier, oscilloscope, and DC controller with equally competent engineers to diagnose minor to major component problems concerning motherboards, mouse, and monitors besides software issues such as data recovery and chip level servicing within an hour. We have a success rate of 95% as all of our engineers here have completed rigorous training from prestigious institutions and can fix any problem. Call us to your home or stop by our centre that is open 24 hours. Give us a call!
      3. LG Computer Motherboard Repair Services, Computer repair & services
        Galaxy Service, In today’s busy world where you cannot even breathe without having your laptop in front of you; it is absolutely compulsory to have a fit and fine laptop always ready to do your work. Thus you must know the best people that can keep your lappie healthy all round the clock. With Galaxy Services you can be assured about breathing an air of peace about your laptop’s good health. We are an outstanding team of certified and experienced professionals who can look after your laptop with complete details. We provide every kind of laptop repairing service starting from simple formatting to complicated circuit repairs. We also provide spare parts for laptops at best possible prices. Thus when you are banking on our Galaxy Services, then it’s a one stop solution for all your laptop needs. Simply take a look at the variety of service features we provide. Therefore, if you have a laptop issue then there is no looking back. You simply need to get in touch with us to solve all your laptop problems successfully within unbelievably short span of time. Contact us for further details.  

      10 Recent Reviews by Customers as on Oct 24, 2017

      Average Rating (3)
      1. 9th August, 2017

        Obtained my laptop repair service from here. The service was mean and average since even after the repair service I find some issue in my keyboard some of the keys are not functioning. The charges were 1300. Mediocre service met here.

      2. 19th May, 2017

        Procured a useful computer repair service from this service provider. Their service was efficient and admirable they found the issue immediately and gave the solution for in the same day. The charges were fair. Happy to procure service here.

      3. 8th April, 2017

        Obtained a small laptop repair here. The laptop was repaired properly and perfectly and it was done in one day and charged a minimum price for it. Worthy service met here.

      4. 21st September, 2015

        very back feed back I have for this service center. I repaired a dell laptop screen June 2015. with in august it started creating problem.Repaired in September 9 2015. Just after 10days the display shows black lines in screen . Its very disappointed.

      5. 28th September, 2014

        If you are buying any Parts than OK but beware of the Tech Guy he is waste and don't know to open Laptop!!! "I'll prefer not to use his any kind of service".

      6. 5th September, 2014

        These people repaired my laptop and changed the keyboard. The service provided by them was good and they charged me Rs.3050 for the service. I am fully satisfied with their service.

      7. 4th June, 2014

        Successfully changed the laptop keyboard through this service centre, they have charged me Rs1800 for replacing the damaged part. It was very satisfactory service.

      8. 6th January, 2014

        I got the response, from this service centre and also they have charged me Rs600 approx, for the servicing of my Samsung laptop.

      9. 10th November, 2013

        I was looking for Lenovo Laptop service centre near by my home, I got the quick response from this people. They have charged me Rs1800, for the repairing and made it fine. Happy with the service.

      10. 19th September, 2013

        From this place I have repaired my Dell laptop, there was some issue with software it was attacked by the virus, this people came to my place in the same day and all was resolved with the fair price. I am contented with the service.

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