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    Lighting ShopsThe Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Perfect Lights For Your Home

    Aathirai 5 years ago

    Lights are the important décor item that enhances the overall look of the house. It illuminates the room as well as makes the metallic décor items to sparkle. There are many types...

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    Lighting ShopsThe Advantages Of Installing Solar Lighting

    Arvind L 7 years ago

    Getting electric lights installed is tedious and is one of the major reasons for constantly increasing utility bills. Electric lights are known to increase the carbon footprint emission too....

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    Lighting ShopsChandelier Bling! Light up your home in style

    Monisha Krishnan 9 years ago

    A good chandelier isn’t merely a lighting fixture. It is a statement piece. And when chosen in accordance with the overall décor theme of a house it can really bring in a sense of...

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    Lighting ShopsLight Up Your House the Au Naturel Way!

    Shveta Virmani 9 years ago

    Not even the most beautiful chandelier or the most divine smelling scented candle can elicit the kind of moods that good ol’ natural light can. There’s something almost therapeutic...

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    Lighting ShopsRecreate The Arabian Nights In Your Room!

    Shveta 10 years ago

    Are you looking to bring a sense of opulence, luxury and detail into your home and are scouting around for inspiration. Well, why not take a cue from the Arabian world If you have read The...

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    Lighting ShopsWhat things to discard when shifting homes

    Devika Kodasi 10 years ago

    When moving to a new house, it is normal to want to take everything along. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this is the perfect time to do a filtering and to take stock of your...

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    Lighting ShopsCreative lighting options for living room

    PraptiBagga 10 years ago

    A world we humans call home is decorated by nature’s play with light and shade. You only have to witness the dazzling sunsets from Kanyakumari to the Sahara desert to nod in approval....

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    Lighting ShopsFeel like a moviestar with perfect bathroom lighting

    Reshmi 11 years ago

    Let me be frank. I was in no mood to write a blog today. I can’t fake a blog, something that is not out of my own experience. But I did want to write and talk about Bathroom lighting....

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    Lighting ShopsPower-cuts needn't be the only cause for a bad summer's night!!

    Annapoorni V 11 years ago

    Apart from any general health distress, the only other reason people commonly attribute to a sleepless night in the summers are frequent power cuts. But I figured out that a more minuscule...

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    Lighting ShopsHow to Project Lights from Different Directions in Your Living Room

    rohit Khosla 11 years ago

    Lighting Onto Wall Wall to Ceiling Projections Wall to Floor Projections More than the lighting fixtures, the direction matters a lot in the case of living room lighting. Light can be...

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    Lighting ShopsColorful Lighting Fixtures for Girls Room

    rohit Khosla 11 years ago

    Girls Room Chandeliers Night Lights Task Lighting Proper lighting of a kid’s room will enhance the imaginative and creative capabilities of a child. A girl’s room needs...

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