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  • 3 Million+ Businesses on Sulekha
  • 2000+ Listed service categories
  • 40,000+ verified customer leads per day

Why partner with Sulekha?

  • Join 3 Million+ Businesses on Sulekha

    With more than 2000+ service categories, Sulekha helps SMEs build their brands and connect with 200 million quality buyers.

  • Build a rich business profile

    Showcase your work by providing insights into values, videos, and work photos. Enrich your profile with client reviews and earn the trust.

    Create a strong profile with work photos, videos, client reviews to help buyers better understand your service

  • Get New Customers

    Get verified requests from customers who exactly look for your services. Sulekha gets 40,000+ verified requests per day.

How Sulekha works?

  • 1
    Get Customer details

    Receive customers' contact details and requirement/need summary.

  • 2
    Quickly call customers, chat and fix appointments, before your competitors do

    Customers tend to be active for a few hours after they post a need. Call customers quickly, follow up through chats, get your job done faster.

  • 3
    Enrich your profile with customer reviews and portfolio

    Customers engage with businesses that have a rich profile page. Add work photos, reviews and bolster your profile page.

  • 4
    Continue expanding your business on Sulekha

    Join the 3 million+ network, reach out to more customers and grow your business.

Customer Success Stories

VideoSulekha grows your business rapidly
VideoSulekha Service Partner Awards 2018, Chennai
VideoSulekha Service Partner Awards 2018, Bangalore

Benefits of Partnering with Sulekha

Convert Buyers to Profits
Gold Standard Quality Check
Power to Manage your Campaign
Category Market Intelligence
Custom-made Campaign
Transparency and Accountability
Manage your business on the go!

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