The Sulekha Advantage

At Sulekha it has been our endeavor to put in maximum technology to make business life simple. Your business has complicated challenges when you look at getting customers from online marketing platforms.

Sulekha VS JD - A Glance

While searching for a service, any customer looks for various search options - Sulekha, JD, Google, Indiamart etc. Similarly, when you look for business development marketing, you too would have choices.
Here are a few facts & factors of comparison between Sulekha &JD.

Key factors of comparison Sulekha Justdial
Filtering out fake enquiries Multiple questions asked to ensure genuineness of enquiry Every enquiry passes through OTP so you get only 100% verified leads Use of advance Artificial Intelligence technology to ensure genuineness of enquiry Customer Care interaction with buyers before passing on lead to Service Provider No questions asked. No filters No OTP practice can lead to big amount of fake enquiries No usage of technology for buyer authentication Only customers can call JD. No proactive work from JD end.
Financials - Cost, ROI Sulekha charges only for VERIFIED LEADS given to you. Obviously if you are paying only for verified leads, the more effort you put into conversion, the greater the ROI. Cost is based on time period and not related to quantity or genuineness of leads. You end up paying even for junk / fake leads. Your ROI will always be less however hard you work. Since you will be paying for junk leads too.
Business competition Only 4-5 Service Providers in your field get the lead - Minimal competition and more chances of converting business. Apart from you, there are at least 15-20 others who get the same lead.
Featuring on top You appear on top of the list if you have good score & reviews. If you pay more, you appear on top of the list
Customer base online You appear on top of the list if you have good score & reviews. If you pay more, you appear on top of the list
Exclusive App Service Providers have an exclusive app in Sulekha - to track, monitor, measure performance. No separate app - only the consumer app is used. Very complicated and does not analytical features.

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100% verified leads and NOT junk leads

Sulekha asks questions to enquiring customers, verifies their needs, and verifies their authenticity through OTP every single time. So obviously the leads that are passed on are 100% genuine & verified.

Genuine Internet users

Every single customer of Sulekha is internet savvy. He has generally enquired for his need and searches for a solution at Sulekha. He is internet and the friendly. He thus understands your business angle rationally.

Less competition

At Sulekha the lead that you receive has been shared with 4-5 other. Which means competition is less and if you act fast on your lead and smartly, the business is all yours!

Technology enabled - Quality leads than bulk leads

With Artificial Intelligence, backend customer support & query management systems in place, Sulekha ensures you get NOT a big quantity of all kinds of leads but meaningful ones that can be converted easily.

Customer - Now or when?

Through the questioning procedure & Enquiry Management System,Sulekha analyses the period in which the customer is likely to need your service. This ensures that you have greater enquiry-conversion cycle - leading to quicker profits!

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