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Mahavastu Expert Hyderabad

Padmarao Nagar, Hyderabad
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Vastu Consultants

Mahavastu, ancient vastu, Geo-bio Energy & geopathicstress, EXPERT, Non Break n reconstructing Your house with simply scientific, solutions. N.DEENAN 9394035777 .............. MAHAVASTU and GEO-BIO energy expert (WITHOUT ANY BREAK AND RECONSTRUCT YOUR HOUSE WITH SIMPLE SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION) 4-Step Method 1.Effect of 32 Entrances:   2. Power of 16 MahaVastu Zones: 3. Influence of Five Elements:   4. MahaVastu Programming: MahaVastu is a 4-Step Method to know the influence of your building (home, apartment, Office Shop's shopping malls, school's, college, hospitals, industrial or factory) on you and your life. These influences can be positive or negative and are, accordingly, responsible for your success or failure MahaVastu also provides 16 Techniques to get Solutions without going in for demolitions or structural changes in the building. It is a purer, simpler yet more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. It ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and Success in life while maintaining modern life style and contemporary architecture. Once you have diagnosed the root cause of a problem accurately using the 4-Step Procedure mentioned above, then its management is equally simple. There are more than 16 easy-to-apply Techniques in MahaVastu. By applying them, we can easily solve problems or rectifyVastu defects without having to resort to demolitions. How to select/ buy a Vastu perfect House's to attract love, happiness, health and prosperity in 4 Steps? Discover which directions ensure money flow? How to create new opportunities in career with Vastu remedies like green plants in appropriate directions? how to overcome delay in promotion with appropriate colours on walls? Vastu remedies to fasten the payment recoveries? How to select positive Paintings? Where to place a safe to maximise savings? How to manage delays in getting Loans? How to manage entrance locations that create debts? How to create family harmony? Know in which direction bedroom cause unwanted heated arguments? Discover what causes indifference/cold response from partner? How to add passion and warmth by using Vastu remedies? to create better health and strong immunity for whole family with just keeping Health Zone Clean. what causes regular health issues and why medicines do not work? Also, where to keep medicines, so that you need them minimum? You can avoid accidents by simply changing colours in two directions. Which objects placed in certain directions cause distraction of mind and poor concentration of children, creating poor grades in school? How books placed in perfect direction helps children to absorb more and reproduce quickly thus causing best performance in their studies? What is the right direction and facing of Study table to ensure excellent results in studies and clear competitive exams? How to control aggressive behaviour of child with simple Our Vastu remedies? how simple homemade Vastu solutions overcome delay in marriage of your son or daughter? how to avoid delay in child birth with right location of bed? How to ensure retention of servants and house hold staff by locating them in an appropriate direction? use Pyramids wisely for maximising a particular effect in a building. Get Easy Vastu Solutions to Buy your Own Property. Vastu Remedies to attract overall gains, happiness and prosperity in new house. VastuAcharya N DEENAN Hyderabad contact no:9394035777, Watsup no 9700025229

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N Deenan


No. 6-1-309, Walker Town, Padmarao Nagar, Hyderabad - 500022

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Which is the nearest landmark ?

You can easily locate the establishment as it is in close to NEAR Saibaba Temple

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  • Sunday - Saturday : 8 AM - 8 PM

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