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    MBBS Tuitions as on Jul 25, 2017

    1. +91 80 48068648
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials is a reputed Coaching Institute run by ex-INFOSYS Employees & IIT, IISC Alumni. Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials, Bangalore, is the number 1 Coaching Institute in South India for GATE, UGC NET, CSIR NET, PGCET, KSET, SLET, IES, PSU, IIT-JAM, PG Medical Entrance Exams, AIPGMEE, DNB-CET, ISI B.Stat/M.Statistics, JEST, GRE, M.B.B.S/B.D.S Subjects, IIT JEE Mains & Advanced, Pre-Medical, Entrance Tests, AIIMS, PMT, K-CET, COMED-K, Engineering Entrance Exams, Medical Entrance Exams, Bank PO, IBPS, Bank Clerk Exams, Diploma CET (DCET), Diploma PSU, Diploma Subjects, Government Services Recruitment Exams, MSC/MCA Entrance Tests, etc. We also provide Coaching & Tuition for all Engineering Subjects, Tuitions for Karnataka State CBSE/ICSE/IB school Students from class 6th to 12th STD, Aptitude Trainings, RRB Coaching, etc.We offer highly technical classroom coaching programmes. Coaching would be provided exactly on new patterns & syllabuses. We conduct classes on regular, alternate days and weekends. Our features include:Free WIFI Internet Access Library with latest Tablet PC Digital TechnologyLong, Medium and Short-Term Coaching coursesHighly Experienced and brilliant faculty members (mostly Ex Alumni from -IIT, IISC, IIM, NIT, Medical Colleges)Innovative Techniques to solve problems & questionsPractice by MCQs & study material Friendly atmosphere with personal attention by monitoring and analysis on individual performancesSeparate Boys & Girls hostel with Food facilities.We made rapid strides and launched correspondence courses for top level competitive entrance exams on All India basis. GATEIIT is a leading coaching institute in India for GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), IES (Indian Engineering Services), PSU, UPSC, Civil Services Examinations, Aptitude Coaching, etc.Our students have been successful in various entrance exams, and they have been the guiding force for our different programmes. Over the past many years, GATEIIT Academy has been in the forefront in evaluating various needs of the students and contributing to their success at these highly competitive entrance exams. As an institution, it has been our constant endeavour to provide the best reference books for the students desirous of taking up the above exams. Contact us for further information.

    2. +91 80 48070407
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Giraffe Learning is a renowned coaching centre based in Bangalore, India. We were India's FIRST to introduce AIEEE (JEE-MAIN) & AIPMT (NEET) coaching. We were also the FIRST INSTITUTION in Karnataka to commence CET LONG TERM coaching. We were also the FIRST INSTITUTE in Karnataka to commence I PUC COACHING. Giraffe Learning was the FIRST INSTITUTE in India to have classroom coaching for NATA & JEE [ARCH] entrance exam for students who to want to do architecture after CET/AIEEE/IIT. We are the OFFICIAL INHOUSE COACHING institution for I PUC, II PUC and CET for MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE, St. Joseph's College, Baldwins College, St Francis College, Sacred Heart School, Clarence School, Jyothi Nivas College and several other colleges. Giraffe Learning is the only PUC, CET and AIEEE institute run by TEACHERS FROM IIT. We conduct the OFFICIAL COUNSELLING session for EDUCATION TIMES [part of Times of India] for PUC and CET. The Institute has a board of advisors, who include alumni of IIT and IIM, as well as EX-REGISTRARS OF BANGALORE UNIVERSITY. Our course material has predicted actual exam questions of CET, PUC and IIT for the past several years. Giraffe has 27 BRANCHES and INTEGRATED COLLEGE COACHING currently in Bangalore city alone. Our ObjectivesTo equip our students with the right skill sets to bring about a transformation in their analytical, critical and logical thinking. Giraffe is an autonomous private coaching and tutorial centre that prepares and counsels academically qualified students to pursue right careers in the field of Science, Medicine, Engineering and Humanities. Student ProfileBesides, the student, with a firm eye on a career, Giraffe also welcomes the serious amateur with a discerning eye and a creative mind, who is willing to devote the time and effort. Giraffe appreciates the skills owned by the students, but the teaching philosophy at Giraffe is that the institute takes it a duty to see that students have the requisite knowledge and confidence. Students are taught all the skills they require. However, our ideal is not so much to teach a student, as to help him learn. Academic PrinciplesThe most important qualities imparted through Giraffe's educational approach are the abilities to think independently and holistically. We promote the idea of innovation and to learn through creative exploration and experimentation. No exam result can depend solely on an Institute or its faculty. Giraffe Learning has traditionally provided an exceptional depth of educational experience, including interactive learning; a focus on creative problem solving, and opportunities for experimentation and research. To broaden the curricular experience, the approach is to integrate all the knowledge to enhance rational thinking in students. The overall structure of Giraffe's program is a combination of theory, skills, tips and methodologies to crack any tough examination. Instruction MethodologyGiraffe follows a unique highly acclaimed teaching method (D-I-V-E) where right from inception a student is encouraged to learn by experimenting with all different aspects of a problem. Students are invited to innovate and evolve solutions as they tackle problems from first principles. Solutions are rarely spoon-fed to students; rather the student discovers his methodologies by creative problem-solving. Both analytical and critical techniques are evolved and refined with each subsequent assignment & test - to peak with the main mock examination finally. The primary focus of any coaching session is not just to impart information but also to see that students get the utmost invaluable tips & methodologies of answering examinations. It is not always the most knowledgeable who get the most marks - but rather the best prepared. Our emphasis is to let students exercise their analytical skills and show them to follow some simple and quick precise principles. ManagementOur promoters are alumni of IIT, which gives students a unique experience in taking & excelling at entrance exams. (Anybody with experience in tackling the IIT entrance exam. can probably handle any exam anywhere ). The management team at Giraffe includes Professors and teachers with over 15 yrs of expertise teaching and coaching at both national and state levels. Faculty include authors of famous text books, as well as those who have set the actual Board, CET & IIT exams. AdministrationWell-trained, experienced and quality counsellors take care of complete admission procedure. Along with that, we have Department and Centre Co-ordinators who take care of individual student's needs, problems, concerns and feedback. Giraffe assimilates the best of practices, which include Attendance follow-up, Personal Co-ordination, Marks Records, Reviews on their performance to students and parents, Appreciation Program, to keep up the motivation levels in students. These activities make Giraffe the best both at administration and academics. Infrastructure FacilitiesGiraffe Learning has state of the art infrastructure to conduct their coaching sessions smoothly meeting their entire end-to-end requirements. It has well- designed and elaborate classroom for training sessions. Giraffe Centers across Bangalore, so students do not have to spend precious time travelling. Giraffe Spacious classrooms. Giraffe Proper and comfortable seating arrangements. Giraffe Extensive course material specifically is written with the actual exam in mind.

    3. +91 22 49432716
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Dr. Vishwa Coaching Classes is a renowned company known for its quality services and timelines. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. At Dr. Vishwa Coaching Classes we provide Tuitions for the subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric & Gynecology, Pediatric in Mumbai. Contact us for more details.

    4. +91 79 30454667
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Heer Academy is experienced service providers in this industry for many years. We are indulged in offering Coaching & Tuitions services to our clients. Coaching is offered with the help of certified coaches for skills development, personal effectively and career management. The services are offered as per the specifications detailed down by the clients. For our valuable clients, we offer these services at reasonable prices, keeping in the budgetary constraints. Our Coaching and Tuition classes. We provide School Tuitions for Accounts Finance Statistics, School Tuitions for All Subjects, Banking Tuitions, ICWA Coaching and more. Our clients are getting full satisfaction due to our prompt service extended to them. We have a team of highly experienced staff members to serve you better. We have experienced staff which takes care of you personally. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. Contact us now.

    5. +91 20 30167956
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Our company was created with a vision to attain best educational services. At Emc2, it is our constant endeavor to offer best teaching & services to highest level of customer satisfaction; through total quality management, pedagogy style and teaching customization techniques. Our priority still remains our consumers, who we believe are at the heart of our existence. While we are a global company with the highest track record in quality standards that are never compromised, we however, tailor our teaching to suit local needs and desires and ensure that our teaching are always at the right place and at the right time. We are marching towards our goal in this global competitive environment by religiously following the path of ethics, values, dedication, management excellence and enhanced social values. Quality is the cornerstone of our success of our pedagogy style is a non-negotiable priority for us. Our passion to excel in niche segment has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the EMC2. The testimonials received by us are great motivators to better our performance every moment. In today’s dynamic market, with the given opportunities and challenges, we are guided by our core values and corporate motto “Growth through innovation, a customer-centric approach and the relentless pursuit of excellence”. I believe that future years to come will bring new optimism, new talent, improved attitudes, improved aptitudes, innovation and so on that will allow us to achieve greater heights. As a company we intend to remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.     Educational services Head office: - F 14 1st floor, Super Mall, Salunkh vihar Road, near Fakhiri Hills, Kondhwa pune-40 Branches: 1) A2 -504, near Viit college kondhwa Budurk Pune-48, 2) Amreteshwar Society Near Morwardi court Pimpri Pune-18 Vision: Your Success is our Moto Why EMC2: • Scientific teaching methods and planning • Chapter wise Notes, Practice Booklets • Concept & Result oriented teaching • Immediate feedback about student's performance • Online Support with Stupidia to see overall student's progress • Personal Attention • 14 years of teaching Experience Reasons for failure in FE: • Admission Procedure • Limited Time & improper management • Inefficiency of colleges, students • Uncertain University paper pattern • More examples - less theory • Over confidence of students • Incomplete teaching of syllabus in colleges Dear Students The response of Engineering Coaching classes for important & difficult engineering subjects has increased due to above reasons. Many of you were not able to give proper justice for scoring good percentage of marks during engineering career. According to the demand of industries, it is must to score minimum first class in exams. Reputed National and International Organizations demands throughout distinction candidates only. “Precaution is better than cure” • Are you facing problems in study? • Do you want to study regularly? • Do you definitely want to pass in Pune university exams? • Do you need personal guidance? • Do you need to clear fundamentals of your subjects? • Do you need to clear your concepts? • , If you are facing the above mention difficulty join EMC2 today for your sure success……… Course Students Features Fees Rs. BATCH 10 – 20 All students coming in batches. Degree 5000 Diploma 3000 GROUP Tuitions 2 – 6 According to group requirement Degree 8000 Diploma 4000 Personal Guidance 1 – 3 Attention towards student Degree 15000 Diploma 12000 Rules & Regulations: • Students should attend the classes & exams regularly as per the schedule. • Fees once paid will be neither refunded nor transferred. • Please maintain fees receipt for official reference. • Come and leave at right time of your class. Maintain silence & discipline • Personal Guidance rules & regulations vary from subject to subject. Important & Difficult Subjects: Year Semester – I Semester – II FE – Common to all Branches M1 (Engg Maths), EG1 (Engg Graphics), BEE1 (Basic Electrical Engg), AS1 (Applied Science),BCE (Basic Civil Engg) , CP(Computer Programming) M2 (Engg Maths), EM (Engg Mechanics), BEE2 (Basic Electronics Engg), AS2 (Applied Science), BME (Basic Mechanical Engg) SE – Mech M3 (Mathematical Methods), AT(Applied Thermodynamics), FM(Fluid Mechanics), TOM1 (Theory of Machines – I),SME (Strength of Machine Elements), ET (Electrical Technology) SE – Mech SW M3 (Mathematical Methods), SME(Strength of Machine Elements),TE1 (Thermal Engg - I), FM (Fluid Mechanics), MDCG (Machine Drawing & Computer Graphics) TMMD1 (Theory of Machines & Machine Design), TE2 (Thermal Engg – II), MP (Manufacturing Engg) SE – E&TC S&S (Signal and Systems), NA(Network analysis) M3, DS (Data Structure) SE - Electrical M3, ADE (Analog and Digital Techniques), EMI (Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation) EM1 (Electrical Machines – I), NA(Network Analysis), MP(Microprocessor Fundamental & Applications) SE – Civil M3, SOM (Strength Of Material), FM1(Fluid Mechanics), SA1(Structural Analysis - I) SE – Comp DS (Discrete Structure), DSA(Data Structure and Algorithm) M3, MP (Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques), DS (Data Structure) SE – IT DS, FDS (Fundamentals of Data Structure) M3, DSF(Data Structure and Files) SE - Prod M3, HT&FE (Heat & Fluid Engineering), SME (Strength of Machine Elements) TOM (Theory of Machines), DME(Design of Machine Elements), ET(Electrical Technology) SE - Instru M3, LIC (Linear Integrated Circuit), DT(Digital Techniques) SE - Chem M3, FM (Fluid Mechanics) HT (Heat Transfer), MD (Principles of Design) SE – Print M3, SOM (Strength of Material) MP (Microprocessor & microcontroller Techniques in printing) SE - Poly / Petro/ PetroChem SOM (Strength of Material), FM ( Momentum Transfer ) M3, HT (Heat Transfer) TE – Mech MD1 (Machine Design I), HT (Heat Transfer), TOM2 (Theory of Machines – II), CONM (Computer Oriented Numerical Methods) FMC (Fluid Machinery), MD2(Machine Design – II), RAC(Refrigeration & Air Conditioning) TE – Civil TOS2 (Theory of Structures - II),SD1 (Structural design – I) SD2 (Structural design – II) BE – Mech DOM (Dynamics of Machinery),Mechatronics, GTJP CAD-CAM BE – Civil SD3 (Structural Design – III) D1 – FY Diploma DM1 (Basic Maths), PHY(Physics), CHM (Chemistry), DED(Diploma Engg Graphics No exam) DM2 (Engg Maths), DAS (Applied Science), CS (Communication Skills) MECH Feedback from Students: Bharadawaz: I got 40 marks in M1. after joining EMC2 Classes, I got 78 in M2 & 83 in M3. I know my ability, but thanks for great score. Omkar: I am a student of Singhad college of engineering kondhwa. I got great marks in M1=83, M2=87. I am delighted to thank Rohit Sir for great support to keep me high. I am going to Join for M3 also second year subjects applied thermodynamics. Prabhanjan: I got 66 marks in Heat Transfer. Sinha Sir, EMC2 team is really a great team. They helped us 24/7during exam time, all our group to score more than 80 in third year engineering. As this is very necessary for us for getting good jobs/Psu/Higher Studies. Tejas: I cleared Basic Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Drawing, M1, M2, Engineering Mechanics FIRST year engineering subjects with very good percentage. Before joining the class I was not knowing a single topic of the above subjects, Rohit Sinha Sir helped us day and night to clear our concepts. I proud to say I am a Rohit Sinha Student. Thanks to god for giving me a wonderful teacher in my life. Shubham Parate: I am a rank holder in pune university doing engineering in VIIT Kondhwa because of Emc2 team and Sinha sir excellent teaching. Before Sinha sir class I was very scared about mathematics and my second and third year core subjects, but sir cleared all my fundamentals and basics. Rohit Sinha sir god for me. Parth: I got M1=62, M2 = 78, EM = 82. I will definitely get more than 80 in M3 & SOM. I am proud to say that I am in EMC2. I wish to be here till my life long education. Mohammad Mustaffa: I am from Afgnistan. I am very week in English I was not able to understand in college, Last semester I was in SE with 5 backlogs After 5 attempts also, I was not being able to clear M2. I was having M1, M2, M3, EM, Engineering Drawing, as backlog subjects. I have to clear all 3 very difficult subjects to go for TE. Many many many many thanks to EMC2 team for clearing my subjects. Even I cleared SE also. Now I am very interested in not making mistakes in TE. Thanks for kind guidance. Chirag: Rohit Sinha sir best faculty in the world. He is a very good human being helping students solving their problems. I am only doing engg because he is with me. Thanku very much sir for teaching us. Shivani : May God bless Rohit Sinha Sir and team memebers. I am from MIT College of Engineering, Mechanical branch. After Diploma, I joined this college. I cleared all subjects of SE & TE, except only M3 (never take this subject lightly). I was YD for 2 years becase of M3. Rohit Sir helped me in clearing M3. Once again I request all of my friends to any classes (good like EMC2) for M3. Never believe yourself for M3, that I can do it. This is very dangerous subject. Now due to good hand in mathematics I am cracking campus interview, Psu ,and GATE exam also. Pranav Shinde: My Daughter is studying in Indira college. I don't the system how the exam papers are being set? She is a very good student ,cleared IIT Mains . My daughter is fed up with FE. She always started hating Engineering. I don't know what to do? She joined all classes in Pune, but couldn't being able to clear Maths. I just got Rohit Sir mobile no from just dial. I just clearly said the same thing to Sir. He said join our class you will see immediate change. After two days only I don't what is being happening, my daughter started studying regularly and finding the subjects interesting. Initially we joined, only for M2, thereafter I requested to teach all 6 subjects. Thanks to the team of EMC2, who created interest in learning the subject. About The Mentor: Prof. Rohit Sinha EduBTech/MTech Teaching Experience: 14 Yrs No of Students Success Ratio: 4963/5000  

    6. +91 99367 96479
      MBBS Tuitions, Management tuitions

       T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.) Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) is India's leading test-prep institute with a pan-India presence and is headquartered at Hyderabad. Established in 1992, T.I.M.E. today operates out of 236 offices located in 112 towns and cities across the country. Over 40 IIT/IIM graduates form part of the core team at T.I.M.E.. Started in a small room of 120 square feet on 26th May,1992 in Hyderabad with one centre, T.I.M.E. has just completed 23 years of service to the student community – helping to build a few hundred thousand careers along the way. From one office to 236 offices has been a long and satisfying journey for T.I.M.E.'s promoters who had chucked their high flying corporate jobs to pursue their dream and passion! T.I.M.E. is today acknowledged as a multi-location, multi-programme training specialist run on corporate lines and offers a wide range of programmes not only for national and state-level entrance exams like the CAT, MAT, JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED, but also for international exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. Through its Campus Recruitment Training conducted at various engineering colleges across the country every year, T.I.M.E. trains thousands of students in aptitude tests and communication skills as a part of preparing them for their campus placements. T.I.M.E. also offers a unique IIT Foundation programme aimed at students of the classes 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. This programme focuses on strengthening the student's conceptual clarity of the fundamentals in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In keeping with its tradition of always maintaining a watchful eye on market trends and tapping them, T.I.M.E. has introduced training programmes for Bank PO & Clerical exams, GATE, CSAT(paper 2) and CLAT. T.I.M.E. has achieved an important milestone of training more than 17 lakh students since inception and over 1.7 lakh students in the last year alone for the various entrance examinations. When it comes to results, T.I.M.E. has always been head and shoulders above the rest. 2116 T.I.M.E. students who are a part of T.I.M.E.'s flag ship programme, the CAT, made it to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (class of 2015-2017). Ten T.I.M.E. students got 100 percentile in CAT 2014. Not limiting itself to entrance exam training, T.I.M.E. has also successfully forayed into the pre-school segment with T.I.M.E. Kids. The preschool chain has 200+ pre-schools in 50+ cities across 9 states - Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. By the end of 2016, T.I.M.E. Kids is looking at almost 300 pre-schools being operational. The company is constantly diversifying & entering into new areas. It has acquired a majority stake in English training institute, Veta. With 158 centres across India and having trained 1.8 lakh people during the past three years ,to speak English fluently , Chennai based Veta is one of country's largest spoken English training institutes. T.I.M.E.'s performance in financial terms has been outstanding as well - it has grown from a brand turnover of Rs. 10 crores in FY 2001-02 to Rs. 292 crores in FY 2014-15. The key drivers of this success are T.I.M.E.'s commitment to students, its pan-India presence, its highly committed team of R&D professionals and its well-researched study material and unique pedagogy. Future Plans The company is planning to continue its aggressive growth rate by adding new courses to its product portfolio and increasing its market penetration by enhanced geographical spread. T.I.M.E. Kids, the pre-school chain, which was launched in 2008 and T.I.M.E. School, are expected to be the key drivers to the ambitious plans that T.I.M.E. has laid out for its growth. By the end of 2015, T.I.M.E. is looking at almost 250 pre-schools being operational. In order to support and sustain these growth plans, T.I.M.E. plans to increase the number of full-time employees over the current base of 1800 employees in its faculty, research, management, marketing and administrative teams. Additionally, while T.I.M.E. has already made forays into the highly challenging area of training for state-level engineering and medical entrance exams, it is now looking at achieving a national presence in these fields soon. In addition to this very creditable organic growth, T.I.M.E. is actively pursuing acquisition opportunities in the field of education and training.

    7. +91 93010 65654
      MBBS Tuitions, Management tuitions

      Guidance Classes was established in 20th (TUE) JAN 1987 in Bhopal M.P. (India)With a vision and a mission in mind to help the youths of today to become the strongest pillar of the nation in the area of professional and quality education. The hard work & sincere efforts of this one man resulted in a huge increase in Students Strength. The main purpose of these Classes is to built up a bright academic career to poor & needy Student for their bright Success. Guidance Classes is structured on the principle of consistency and hard work, and the scientific approach based on perfect planning and proper guidance. We teach all Subjects under one roof. The main objective of the top and best known Guidance Classes in Bhopal, is to provide an edge to Students and Sharpen their Skills to give them a clear picture of what to expect at board level examinations and assist them in their preparations. Guidance Classes current area of specialization encompasses training and helping students to secure the extreme exposure in various reputed Exams like IIT (Mains/Advance), AIPMT, NIFT, NATA, NDA/CDS,CPT,CA/CS, CWA,MBBS/BDS,BE(All branch & all semesters), and various Personality Development programs held by different premier and prestigious institutions in India.. 

    8. +91 94547 51752
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

       Welcome to Pinnacle Institute “Pinnacle Learning Destination” was established in 2010 as we saw the need in the education system for competitive preparation coaching that would attract students from search engine and preparation of government exams in various section with very high vacancies .We have specialized in different competitive exams preparation for different cities as Noida, Delhi, Ambala, Varanasi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur and many more cities. We have given approximately 5000 selections in various examinations. We have fast forward education institute that work with our expert faculty and student consulting system.

    9. Dexter Academy, Trichy

      5.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 77080 01080
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

       DEXTER ACADEMY was established with the sacred objective of imparting quality education to the students of various competitive examinations such as SSC (GL/+2/ML), IBPS Bank (PO/CLERK), SBI po/ clerk, Tancet MBA/ MCA at a reasonable rate. The core members of Dexter adopted innovative, meticulous and extremely lucid methods of teaching supplemented by self-developed conceptual tricks and techniques. With absolutely no capital in hand, Dexter was started in a small room of just 25 students' capacity with only strong determination, belief in self and hard work. DEXTER ACADEMY- THE MECCA OF QUALITY EDUCATION in real sense believes in giving nothing but the best. The teaching faculty includes highly qualified and experienced teachers, who with their simple and lucid methods and conceptual short cut tricks and techniques help the students, solve maximum number of questions in minimum amount of time and hence they not only get selected but also secure topmost positions. Each subject is handled by its expert as we simply denounce the concept of Jack of all trades and master of none. Our students are excelling largely due to the faculty's unique teaching methodology, commitment and dedication. All doubts of students are cleared and concepts are made crystal clear to them in the classroom itself. With separate teachers for every subject, and many experts for every subject, Dexter stands much ahead of all other Institutes.

    10. +91 72005 10067
      MBBS Tuitions, Science tuitions

      Guru Raghavendra Educational Institute in Pondichery has come a long way within its short beginning in the several years. Any tuition centre’s strength remains its teaching faculties and the teaching faculties at fully air-conditioned institute if not the best, they are better than the best. The professors at the coaching centre make learning a pleasant and easier task for the students, who may find it difficult in their congested classrooms. The success mantra of the coaching centre is in giving best personal attention to each and every student by the gentle tutors who give importance for the students to assimilate their subjects rather than regurgitate from the books. Already several students, who were termed to be 'dull' by their school, have turned out 'smart' (vouched by the parents themselves) after attending the academy. Call us now!   Please find below Branches,   1. No. 44, 1st Floor, 3rd Cross St., Sri RAGHAVENDRA Nagar, 100 Feet Road, Pondicherry – 605005. Landmark: Behind Jaybarath Honda Showroom, Indira Gandhi signal(IG Square). 2. No. 19, 2nd Cross, Sri RAM Nagar, ECR Road (Lawspet), Pondicherry – 605008. Landmark: Opp. to Arun Icecream Parlor, next to new Datamatics. 3. No. 66, 1st Floor, 4th Cross, VENKATA Nagar, Pondicherry – 11. Landmark: Near Velusokanathan Thirumana Mandabam Road, Behind Reliance Showroom.

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    1. 21st July, 2017

      Nice Apo ver very useful Lovely nice suprrb

    2. 17th July, 2017

      Great work and awesome response

    3. 14th July, 2017

      Good job done by Sulekha..Keep going guys!Truly helpful..

    4. 13th July, 2017

      I am very happy to your service

    5. 13th July, 2017


    6. 13th July, 2017

      Price is too high compared to other management institutions (After joining here I just referred some other institutions) But here the faculty members are much talented to take classes....

    7. 12th July, 2017

      Great coaching ..very helpful

    8. 8th July, 2017

      Very good choching for commerce student

    9. 4th July, 2017

      Mam Has A very Good ppersonality and is friendly, She is a very good Communicator as well as a Good listener. She has Deep Knowledge About the Subjects.

    10. 3rd July, 2017

      Teacher maths and digital electroins . I am b.tech form ece branch , raj.

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