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Benefits of Sulekha Precision DM
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The Database
Sulekha will manage the entire campaign for you.
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Sulekha Deliverables
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Sulekha Precision DM

Would you like to reach out to all Indian households earning more than $100 K and living in the major US Cities? Would you like to communicate with Bengalis (or Tamilians or Gujaratis or Punjabis) living in NY/NJ, California and Texas? All those who have transacted online before? Women from affluent households living on east coast?

With Sulekha Precision DM you can do that and a whole lot more.

Benefits of Sulekha Precision DM

Sulekha is the only company in the US that can deliver this vast a reach with this level of fine targeting.

  • Vast reach
  • Superb targeting
  • Multiple target criteria
  • Professional execution at ultra-low prices


Sulekha can work with you to ship out any material. Some of the common formats/ options are mentioned below:

  • Postcards
  • Postal mailers
  • Telemarketing
  • Marketing surveys

The Database

Sulekha has painstakingly compiled a vast database of 275,000 Indian households and segmented them by:

  • City
  • Income level
  • Home ownership/value
  • Sub-ethnicity (Punjabi, Tamilian, etc.)
  • Online transaction experience
  • Gender

Any of these target criteria can be combined to result in an extremely fine targetability.


  • US Census, City and County courthouse records
  • 23 White Pages; 43 Yellow Pages
  • Sulekha’s own yellow pages, leading Indian magazines
  • A comprehensive 12 month effort…updated as of March 2003

Sulekha Deliverables

Sulekha can manage the entire process of mailing marketing material for advertisers to the selected households at costs that in cases can only be a little higher than the cost of first class postage.

Time to completion

  • Shipped out within 3 days of receiving the material ready for labeling and sending out
  • Analysis report submitted within 3 days after shipping out

Confirmation report
Confirmation report sent by Sulekha containing breakdown by zip code of recipients

Take advantage of Sulekha Precision DM to reach out to your target segment by calling us.



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