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Benefits of Sulekha Showtime
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Options & Formats
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Sulekha Deliverables
Sulekha will manage the entire campaign for you.
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Estimated Costs
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In-theatre Advertising

Sulekha Show Time: Promotion in Movie Theaters Nationwide
Case Studies
Sulekha processes more than 90% of all online tickets for Indian events and movies, exclusively ticketing for movies in many cities all across US.

Sulekha now offers a one-stop solution for advertisers to advertise in these theaters using 35 mm print spots, slides, handouts and banners and organizing booths.

Sulekha has been successfully advertising for Western Union (represented by Kang and Lee, NY) in numerous theaters from Los Angeles to New York. With a single phone call to Sulekha you can make your presence felt across the US in this exciting new medium. It is easy and effective.

Benefits of Sulekha Show Time

  • High Impact: High-impact advertising within a powerful cultural context of movies
  • Low Clutter: Still a low clutter advertising medium as the number of advertisers is very small
  • Captive Audience: Captive, eager audience with no ability to tune out
  • High Repetition: Ad shown for every show of every movie everyday
  • Targeting: Ability to target nationwide, region or a specific city (or group of cities)
  • Low Cost: Per CPM rates are comparatively lower with Sulekha Showtime

Options & Formats

  • 35 mm prints
  • Slides
  • Flier handouts
  • Booths in theaters

Sulekha Deliverables

Sulekha will manage the entire campaign:

  • Planning the campaign in terms of scope and costing
  • Negotiating and finalizing with all theaters
  • Distributing campaign materials
  • Independent auditing to ensure proper execution
  • Arrange for booth setup permission
  • Month-end reports
  • Funds disbursement to theater owners
  • Advance Alerts about upcoming hit movies
  • Hiring of independent agents to represent company in booths

Estimated Costs & Variables

Ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 per theater per month depending on:

  • Theater
  • City
  • Creatives (slides, 35 mm, handouts, etc.)
  • Fees includes all expenses
  • Promotional fees to theaters, Sulekha fees
  • Random spot checks, reporting
  • Planning, negotiation, funds disbursement
  • Shipping costs



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