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as on Aug 02, 2021
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  1. Goklani & Associates

    Also Servicing in Siddipet

    Mergers and Acquisition Financial Services

    +91 8735868238
    211 Avnue Complex, Okha, Jamnagar - 361120 Get Directions
  2. Sixth Element Finserv Private Limited-Siddipet-Mergers and Acquisition Financial Services

    Sixth Element Finserv Private Limited

    Also Servicing in Siddipet

    Mergers and Acquisition Financial Services

    +91 9807411114
    B20 Third Floor, Surajmal Vihar, Block B, Surajmal, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi - 110092 Get Directions

Hire a CA for matters of finance and corporate advisory

A Chartered accountant in Siddipet can help you out if you are facing trouble with your corporate finance sector. For more detailed planning of your company’s budgetary needs, only a chartered accountant will help you with the successful planning and implementation of financial goals. A CA can be of great help, especially when your company is facing a merger or acquisition. Before going into details on how a chartered accountant can help you, let us look into the meaning of mergers and acquisitions.

Details about Merger and Acquisition in Siddipet

These terms loosely indicate the combination of one or more companies. It can be seen as a consolidation process. The acquisition is the act when one company takes over another company. The process can be within sister companies, rivals or even completely unrelated stakeholders taking part.

Important steps a CA takes in the process of merger and acquisition Siddipet

As the process is very complicated, and since there will be consolidation, a thorough financial assessment is required before even the process starts. Generally, the CA supervises the whole of the financial aspects and guides the participants and safeguards their best interest. The CA can help you in the following ways.

  • Assessment When a proposition is discussed on a merger, the CA must assess the feasibility of such a project. It can be detrimental and not viable if not evaluated in most significant details. All financial assets and abilities of the participants will be assessed for the purpose. The stakeholders and their securities can also come under scrutiny for the best possible solution.
  • Planning The steps involving a merger can be spanned over days to years. The main guiding principle is always the financial aspect. The CA will plan out the takeover process in great detail.
  • Implementation The CA will also take care of how the budget is implemented throughout the course of the merger. To ensure a smooth process, often the CA may need to modify budgetary details, to keep the larger goal intact. An eye is also kept on profitability.

The CA will generally work with a team in case of mergers. These processes cannot be done by one person, and complete collaboration of the internal finance team is also required. The CA will also sort tax details of all past companies and projection of future tax obligations.

Charges/ fees of Merger and Acquisition service

Each CA has fixed fees that they would charge you. The fees can be discussed at the time of primary consultation.

Sulekha has verified service providers for Merger and Acquisition in Siddipet. Through Sulekha, you will only get the best merger & acquisition service provider in Siddipet. It is very easy to find a suitable CA through Sulekha, all you need to do is, visit the website and fill in the details. You will be connected to the best possible matches for your queries.

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FAQ - Mergers and Acquisition Financial Services in Siddipet

  • Can a CA give online advice on mergers and acquisitions?

    There are many CA who will give you online advises; however, a follow-up appointment can be required to implement the process. A CA will look into the entire process and give you suitable recommendations.
  • Can a corporate lawyer help instead of a CA?

    The legal aspect of the proceedings is entirely different from the financial aspects. While the lawyer will take care of the legal aspects, the chartered accountant will be more equipped to care for the financial needs.
  • Are there CA who are specialist in mergers and acquisitions in Siddipet?

    There are many experienced CA who are skilled in handling merger and acquisition-related services.
  • Can the CA visit my office for the consultation?

    Yes, there are many CA who will visit your office for a consultation.

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