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    Hire a Best Professional for Striking Modular Kitchen Space

    Almost every homemaker today prefers to have a modular kitchen. The demand for the same is rising due to effective space utilisation. Modular kitchens comprise of cabinet modules constructed from diversified materials, which are thoughtfully used to create functionally useful kitchen layouts. Hire a best professional or Buy the best Modular Kitchen from one of the best dealer available in Delhi.

    Modular Kitchen Dealers in Delhi as on Oct 21, 2017

    1. +91 11 41134928
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      We are the leaders in creating modular kitchens in Delhi. We focus on sourcing high grade materials in the products and always ensure on time delivery of the project.
    2. Pushpa Interiors

      4.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 98713 84357
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Also Servicing : Delhi

      1st Floor, Shop No. 2, Gaur Galleria Market, Gaur City, Sector 16, Greater Noida - 201301

    3. Krishna Trader, Nangloi

      4.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40121704
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      No. A-12, Kunwar Singh Nagar, Nangloi, Delhi - 110041 Get Directions

    4. SKF Decore, Lado Sarai

      4.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40119499
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Ensuring best quality, timely service and optimum cost, we are renowned modular kitchen dealers in Delhi. We have skilful designers and technicians who customize your dream modular kitchen according to your available space.
    5. Wood Stock interior

      1 Review 4.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40120943
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Also Servicing : Delhi
      We are famous modular kitchen suppliers in Delhi. With many years of rich experience, we seamlessly intergrate all the elements of a contemperory stylish kitchen. We provide custom solutions that are based on the available space.
    6. P & P Kitchens, Vikaspuri

      5.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40135416
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      We provide high quality modular kitchens at affordable price. We specialize in different styles of modular kitchens like Italian, German, European, Indian and Contemperory. Our elegant and sustainable modular kitchens are made from robust raw materials.
    7. +91 11 41134931
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      With several years of experience, we are leading modular kitchen dealers in Delhi. Along with creating innovative modular kitchens, we also provide kitchen renovation and kitchen remodel services at affordable price range.
    8. +91 11 40145503
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Having many years of experience, we are the first choice of classy people who are looking for best quality modular kitchen construction, kitchen remodel and kitchen renovationl. Our modular kitchen cost is very affordable and we ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.
    9. +91 11 41134926
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Our team has highly experienced and dedicated professionals who create elegant and long lasting modular kitchens throughout Delhi. We provide kitchen remodel services within your budget.
    10. +91 11 41137441
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      No. WP-477, Ground Floor, Wazirpur Village, Ashok Vihar Phase 2, Delhi - 110052 Get Directions

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    10 Reviews of Modular Kitchen Dealers in Delhi as on Oct 21, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 14th August, 2017

      Searching for the modular kitchen materials and I got the dealers, which are the best one. I heard about this dealers, which they are good business and I personally checked their reviews, it's nice. I paid 43000 for materials. Their material quality, service, response are all good….

    2. 9th August, 2017

      Customer Friendliness and good product knowledge. I bought a new modular kitchen from this vendor. The quality was very nice and the way of approach was good. The price was also reasonable. They delivered the product on time. I am happy with the service.

    3. 1st August, 2017

      Received the services from Supreme Interior in Okhla, Delhi. The service was good and they designed well at the walls and rooms. They have charged as per the tariff. The workers are very friendly and the work is done on time. I am satisfied to take the service at this centre.

    4. 13th February, 2017

      Approached this Modular Kitchen Dealer for the Indian Style Modular Kitchen Service. The service from this Modular Kitchen Dealer is good. They have charged me the nominal amount for the service. Overall, I am satisfied with the service due to their Professional and prompt delivery.

    5. 2nd October, 2016

      I like this good news is Sulekha dinner find of Delhi

    6. 7th June, 2016

      don't understand, how come the below mentioned persons have given pretty good rating to Dreamz Kitchen & Wardrobe, however their workers lack knowledge and were really unprofessional in their approach. We have got our kitchen made from them and it was our biggest mistake to choose them to get the work done. They have not completed kitchen till date even after full payment. Every day the workers came late, i need to call them every morning to remind them to come on time and every day a new excuse was given. The work they have done was also below average and not so good. Also three days after completion, one of the handles broke down, have called them several times to repair it, but not to avail no one came till date and the owner just make fake promises to send the worker to get it repaired some day. It was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of ours hiring them for kitchen work. I would NOT Recommend any one to hire them for any wor

    7. 13th December, 2015

      Staff is professional also very good.Service and product is very good. Also be on time.Very low and effective price as per kitchen design.They work as per client satisfaction.

    8. 6th July, 2015

      Worst Company and Worst people, once they take money, they don't care. Neither they will pick the phone nor will they bother to repair.

    9. 29th May, 2015

      Good job

    10. 28th May, 2015

      We are satisfied by Modern Age Kitchens services

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    Recent Enquiries on Modular Kitchen Dealers

    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: German
    • Material: Wood
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    17 hours ago
    • Work type: Renovation Of Old Kitchen
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    17 hours ago
    • Work type: Renovation Of Old Kitchen
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Area: I'm not sure
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    19 hours ago
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Wood
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    19 hours ago
    • Check for stain-free, budget-friendly modular kitchens in Delhi

      Delhi’s famous scrumptious colourful, oily, and spicy foods –   can leave your kitchens with permanent stains when left unnoticed. But who likes a grimy kitchen? Here comes the modular kitchen as the best solution. Again if you are hesitant of budget issues, let me take you through the FAQs provided below:

      My house is under construction. What is the best time to install a modular kitchen - before or after?

      The right time to install your modular kitchen would be when all the brickwork is done, so that wiring and plumbing work get easier.

      How long does it take to install a modular-kitchen at home?

      There is a step-by-step procedure involved: a site visit, area measurement, design and layout, discussion, agreement, order materials for manufacturing, shipping materials, and then setting up the kitchen.

      Is it essential to install a chimney in a modular kitchen?

      Many modular kitchens come with chimneys. These chimneys are designed and positioned in such a way that they suck out the dust particles and vapour and keep your kitchen clean.

      Can I get a modular kitchen in a budget of 50,000?

      Yes, of course! You can get one in that budget. You need to be very careful in making the decision. For a low-budget kitchen, you can consider these points:

      • Cabinet: laminated/PVC/PU shutters
      • Countertop: wooden/limestone/slate
      • Sink: stainless steel/porcelain
      • Flooring: vinyl sheets
      • Accessories: stainless steel/glass/wooden knob, & wire baskets

      Which is the most inexpensive yet durable countertop material?

      Compared to other countertop materials, ceramic tiles are reasonably priced and are best suitable for Delhi’s climate. It is a decent choice for budget modular kitchens.


      Why You Should Select Best Dealers  for Modular Kitchen from Sulekha listed in Delhi?

      The reputed and experienced dealers of modular kitchen would ensure timely completion of a project, supply superior quality material and provide a long-term warranty too.

      • First-Rate Quality Material: A reputed modular kitchen designer would never compromise on the quality of the material.
      • Timely Completion: An esteemed dealer would ensure the smooth execution of the project with no unnecessary delays.
      • Warranty: They would give long-term warranty for their work and material that is about 10 years or so.
      • Craftsmanship: They have a team of deft workers who deliver superior quality work.

      Let Sulekha be your one stop destination for selecting modular kitchen fabricators for any kind of kitchen space designing or remodelling. Going by the trends witnessed lately by expert dealers of modular kitchen located in your city, some of the most popular types of kitchen layouts are L-shaped, G-shaped, parallel, island, straight, U-shaped etc. Some of the preferred modular kitchen designs include:

      • European Modular Kitchen
      • Indian Modular Kitchen
      • Italian Modular Kitchen
      • Contemporary Modular Kitchen
      • German Modular Kitchen

      Go through a comprehensive listing of competent modular kitchen designers, who would ensure timely execution of the project using material of top-notch quality befitting your budget.

      Which Factors You Need to Consider While Selecting Modular Kitchen Types?

      We are a platform that can help you to get in touch with the right modular designed kitchen constructors in your neighbourhood. Discuss your requirement and make the right choice considering the below facts:

      • Modular kitchens are designed in different styles, such as European, Italian, Indian, etc.
      • There are of various designs as well, such as an island, G-shaped, L-shaped, straight, T-shaped, U-shaped, parallel etc.
      • Moreover, these kitchens are made from an array of materials, such as wood, aluminium, granite, metal ceramic, stainless steel, PVC, plywood etc.

      Your choices need to be guided by your preference and budget, apart from the time-line you have in mind.

      We are the leading one-stop need fulfilment platform to let you find the most proficient dealers for modular kitchen near you. Go through the listings above and make the right choice for the best modular kitchen providers at Delhi.

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