Measurements to Personalize Your Modular Kitchen

Aathirai 3 years ago

Designing a modular kitchen requires more precision to get a comfortable kitchen workspace. It is essential for a homeowner to know the basic measurements at the beginning of the design process. When you got the opportunity to design your kitchen from the scratch, why not size everything that is comfortable to you. Here is how to make measurements to personalize your modular kitchen.

Counter Height

The standard size of the counter cabinet is 34-36”. One needs to measure down from the elbow to determine the comfortable work surface heights. The counters can be classified into three categories.

  • Preparing counter is the area where you cut vegetables and do other preparation work. This counter needs to be 3-4” below your elbow.
  • The cooking counter area is where the cooktop is present. To avoid backsplash of water or oil the measurements is kept 5” below your elbow.

Counter Depth

The standard size is 24” or 2 feet. If you are short the depth is made lesser than the above for ease of access. The depth is made even lesser up to 18” to improve the moving space in the kitchen. 

Wall cabinet height

It is essential to maintain a distance of 20” between the counter and the wall cabinets. The backsplashes are placed for about 24” and the wall cabinets are mounted on the top of it. The size and height of the cabinet are decided according to the counter depth, your height, and height of backsplash. You can opt for wall cabinets that touch the ceiling depending upon your storage requirement and kitchen interior design.

Kitchen triangle

The sink, cooktop, and refrigerator are considered as the vertices of the kitchen triangle. The circumference should not be more than 275” to use the kitchen space optimally. When the circumference gets higher it increases the kitchen workspace and you need to walk more distance to fetch for kitchen supplies when cooking. 

Hire a modular kitchen dealer near your city to get the comfortable and personalized kitchen. Whenever you are confused with the interior style of the kitchen, it is important to get a suggestion from an interior designer. The interior designer can help you find the suitable color and style that match the existing design of your house.

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