Simple Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

  • There is nothing to worry about if you don't have a big kitchen. Smaller kitchens have their own advantages. They are cozier, and it's easy to find things in there. However, with a few cool ideas, you can make your kitchen look and feel big. Color schemes, designs, sleek appliances, shallow cabinets etc. help in making the kitchen look bigger.

    Here below are a few tips to help you make your kitchen look and feel bigger.

    1. Patterns to make the kitchen look bigger: Patterned walls and floor tend to add visual clutter and this invariably makes the kitchen look smaller but on the contrary, there are a few patterns which make the kitchen look bigger too. Patterns such as diamonds or chevrons create diagonal lines which tend to draw the eyes from one end to another making the kitchen look bigger. Low contrast colors also create an atmosphere where the kitchen feels bigger. If you have a small kitchen, consider incorporating these patterns to create a bigger feel for the kitchen.

    2. Eliminate clutter: An overcrowded countertop in the kitchen can be overwhelming and can cramp space. To make the kitchen feel large, clear off the countertops, cabinet tops and try fitting as much as you can in cabinets shelves. Make sure that the countertop isn't overcrowded with cookware, cabinets and other collectibles. One could also opt for a minimalistic style kitchen with flat and sleek panel doors.

    3. Add glass doors to cabinets: Glass doors on the cabinets add a lighter look and help in making the kitchen look bigger. Glass doors are beneficial because it allows our eyes to see through the cabinet right to the back. Make sure you don't have extremely bulky exteriors as it will defeat the purpose of making the kitchen look bigger.

    4. Using sleek appliances: The growth in technology has led to the creation of several high-efficiency appliances which provides the user with necessary features which are found in bigger appliances. Sleek and small appliances help in creating more space in smaller kitchens.

    5. Shiny materials and ample lighting: Reflective materials help in amplifying the natural and artificial lighting in the kitchen. This amplification helps in making a small kitchen seem larger. Ceramic tile, marble countertops, and stainless steel are few such materials which help in providing not only adequate lighting but invariably give a larger feel in the kitchen. Pendant lights, under cabinet lights etc. are a few which help provide a good ambiance and is also handy when cooking.

    6. Usage of natural lighting: Natural lighting is as important as artificial lighting and natural lighting is known to enlarge a space. It's quite essential that your kitchen has windows placed to maximize the light entry. Not only do windows provide good day lighting but they also help in providing ample ventilation.

    These simple tricks should help you in the process of making your kitchen look and feel bigger. If you're looking for newer designs or wish to revamp your kitchen, get in touch with the best modular kitchen dealers in town.