10 Hilarious Photoshop Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Photoshop is one of the most popular tools used for editing software in the media industry. To make an image error-free and enhance the picture using appropriate effects, Adobe Photoshop is the basic tool which turns an improper image into a much better one! Newspapers, magazines, articles and even google images are all edited using Photoshop and other such tools! Unfortunately, not every image that is put through Photoshop turns out well. Mistakes are made, errors are overlooked, and the final product can be catastrophically bad. 

    Here are some of the absolutely worst Photoshop blunders of all time:

    1. Confused Color

    This picture has all elements a product cover should have, but also has something more than that. You will find something racist. Yes! A happy African lady but with a much different skin tone in the stomach area. That’s a very noticeable mistake done by the person who designed the image!

    2. Missing Hair

    Where is the hair in between? Omg! That’s a hilarious mistake by the photo editor. How could a designer not notice the missing hair in between!

    3. Copy Pasted Audience

    Wow! Did the image editor really think nobody would notice? A brilliant act by the designer who easily multiplied the audience by just copy pasting a set of audience.

    4. Legless Beauty

    Here we have the absolute worst Photoshop mistake of all time. Even a kid who sees this image would wonder about the missing leg of the lady! We are still wondering how the magazine overlooked this and published this as their cover!

    5. Unique Bodyshape

    Don’t your eyes pop out seeing this image?  How can anyone have such a body shape! It’s unimaginable but a designer has made everyone laugh out loud by seeing his/her wonderful photo editing skills.

    6. Beautiful Fingers Drawn

    Wish the model photo-shoot image was used undisturbed! The beautiful fingers of the model look very odd. It literally looks equal to a kid drawing fingers in his drawing book!

    7. Headless Player

    A natural candid picture of two players at the basketball court. Do you really think so? Look closely. Ouch! The designer has cropped out the head of the player from his shoulder! Not sure what the editor has actually edited in this image but he sure has  forgotten to place the guy’s head back!

    8. Ghostly Effect

    Aww.. Indeed, a very happy picture of a family! But where does the dad emerge from? The designer has managed to give a ghostly effect to scare the crap out of us! And he sure does succeed. Doesn’t he?

    9. Forehead Elongated

    Alright, so here the designer has used Photoshop to achieve the instruction given to him. The image artist had voluntarily and consciously sliced this poor woman’s forehead and manually move it up a few hundred pixels. But it looks so unnatural! Perhaps this is how aliens look like in person?!

    10. Wrong Reflection

    So what does this convey? 8GB or 4GB? Looks like a human error but very unprofessional. One advice to the Editor: Make sure you match the reflection of the image too!

    After seeing this, you must have definitely learnt the mistakes that have to be avoided when you edit your images in Photoshop. Why not join a professional Adobe Photoshop training and bring out quality images! Don’t depend on and wait for anyone to edit your images anymore!