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    Occupational Therapy Centres in Faridabad as on Apr 20, 2018

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    1. +91 11 40126513
      Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Also Servicing : Faridabad
      We are Sahara Home For Senior Citizens was estabhilished since in 2010.The number of homeless aged individuals in India as increased dramatically over the past decade. Globalization, decay in ethics and nuclear families are accountable for this outbreak. Several old age homes have inaugurated with the sole objective to provide a shelter to the senior citizens of India who have been driven out of their homes for what-so-ever possible reason.Orphans, semi-orphans and children at risk are cared for in these 'Home away homes'. They are helped to do their formal and non-formal education. They are given shelter and food so that they can do their studies in a suitable environment.Contact us for futher details.
    2. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Also Servicing : Faridabad
      Open Arms Child Development Centre is the part of neurological health services (NHS). It is registered centre for kids. It provides treatment for children whose development is delayed. It exclusively works with neurodevelopment disorders, neurological disorder and neuromuscular diseases. (e.g. high risk infants, delayed milestones, developmental disabilities and sensory processing disorders etc ). OACDC has a multidisciplinary team consisting of a number of professionals in specific areas, including neurologist, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, special educators and speech therapists. Once the child has been referred to the OACDC specialist team will take a detailed history of the child and carry out an objective assessment of their development. Recently open arms has also started physiotherapy for cases like knee pain, ligament injury, post surgical physiotherapy, cervical pain, posture correction, physiotherapy for musculoskeletal problems etc
    3. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Dr. Miitals clinic provide best of physiotherapist in delhi ncr
    4. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Physiotherapy treatment provide clinic as well as home services
    5. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy

      Plot No - 5 C /22, Fruit Garden, NIT, Faridabad - 12007

    6. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy

      No.16, Main Road, Pravesh Marg, Faridabad - 121002

    7. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Also Servicing : Faridabad
      Integrated Medical Centre-All the major medical disciplines are represented in the clinic and the IMC team approach means that patients receive the best care to suit their needs. The IMC is headed by Mohammad Mohsin Ali with a strong team of fully qualified and experienced practitioners. This ensures that patients have access to complementary and traditional medicine, all at one centre. The Integrated Medical Centre is a multi disciplinary facility provides health care for those who wish to maximize their health and fitness.The Integrated Medical Centre, a unique pioneering centre of excellence which creates a working model of effective healthcare by combining the best of modern and ancient healthcare systems of the world, to provide safe and effective treatments for the individuals. We are also provide the following services Acupuncture Acupressure Osteopathy Chiropractor Deep tissue massage Physical therapy Pain management Arthritis Neck pain Spondylitis Asthma Sinusitis Reflexology Slip disc Vertigo Disc herniation Kyphosis Sciatica Heel Spur Frozen Shoulder Knee Pain
    8. Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy

      No. 5P-60, P Block, Nit 5, Faridabad - 121001 Get Directions

    9. Care & Cure Physiotherapy Clinic

      1 Review 4.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40118960
      Occupational Therapy Centres, Occupational therapy
      Also Servicing : Faridabad
      Care & Cure Physiotherapy Clinic is a Delhi-based clinic that is run by Senior Consultant Medical Acupuncturist Dr MK Gupta (B.T.C.M, D.T.C.M, N.D.D.Y, CDNT, CKT, M.I.A.A.C.S, M.D.C.P.T, M.I.A.P(INDIA), F.I.N.N(BELGIUM)). He is also a Member of India Spine Injury Centre (Vasant Kunj) (Reg. No. 1761). Dr MK Gupta has ten years clinical experience, and he is awarded as Acupuncture international award by Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science for his incredible contribution to this service. Dr MK Gupta is such a kind of person who is dynamic, passionate, ambitious and a very hard working professional. He, also, is very polite and an excellent counsellor in all the aspects. He always believes in giving and maintaining a high quality of patient care and early recovery. During his medical career, Dr MK Gupta has successfully treated thousands of patients. Dr MK Gupta has achieved widespread recognition for his ability to handle difficult cases, for which the Western medicine and surgery have not reached success as prior treatment methods for some of those cases. He has tremendous compassion and concern for all of his patients and has made a significant positive impact on many of their lives. With the help of Dr MK Gupta, countless patients are now enjoying more active, pain-free, healthy and productive lifestyles. Dr MK Gupta focuses on both mind and body healing. He uses his vast knowledge and extensive experience to determine the underlying causes of patient's problems and then treats these causes and their symptoms with unique skills. Dr MK Gupta specialises in services like Acupuncture, Acupressure Chinese, Magnet Therapy, sujoke, Auricular Acupuncture etc. Dr MK Gupta's mission is to give the best quality of assessment, Rx & early healing and recovery of each patient who comes to us. WHY CHOOSE US? Here are some reasons why people choose us for Acupuncture treatment. AFFORDABLE PRICES: Our prices are very reasonable, affordable and accessible to all, though we have good experience in providing high-quality acupuncture treatment. We visualise our services to be world class level shortly with affordable fee structure. EFFECTIVE TREATMENT: We are committed to the thorough diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and lasting results. EXPERTISE: At our clinic, acupuncture is done only by doctors trained in acupuncture and by licensed acupuncturists trained in traditional Chinese medicine. EXPERIENCE: Our specialists in complementary and integrative medicine perform nearly a thousand of acupuncture treatments each year. We have years of experience treating conditions from the common to the rare. Our reach is broad — we've treated people from every U.S. state and from around the world, and those people tell us they are highly satisfied with their experience. INTEGRATED CARE: Dr MK Gupta blends the care with the care provided by your other doctors to blend the best of conventional and complementary treatments. PATIENT EDUCATION: We teach the patients relevant, appropriate and accessible ways to improve and maintain good health, so the benefits of treatment continue. EXPERIENCED STAFF All the employees at the clinic are well qualified, skilled and experienced one. They all aim to help & serve our patients in all possible ways. OUR SERVICES ACUPUNCTURE ACUPRESSURE CHINESE MAGNET THERAPY SUJOKE AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE NUTRITION & DIET COUNSELING
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