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Office AC Repair Queries
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My alto car not AC I want new AC install How many money AC install

Rakesh08 September 2022

AC Services
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What is the price of 1tone split AC on one month rent

Sandeep 08 September 2022

AC Services
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Can cassette AC be installed without a false ceiling? 

Neha04 May 2022

AC Services
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Niviya 05 May 2022

No, it's not advisable to install Cassette AC without a false ceiling because the ducts, condensate pipes, and AC vents are installed between the true and artificial ceilings. If the ceiling is high, you can lower it with a false ceiling to give the space a more proportionate appearance and ensure that the AC can effectively chill the space. You shouldn't opt for a Cassette Ac if you have a low ceiling. You should ensure no leakage or seeping of water from the roof before installing a false ceiling.(More)

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What kind of maintenance does an AC unit need?

Harsha03 May 2022

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Niviya 06 May 2022

It is very important to maintain your Air Conditioners properly, for it will help you save money and expand their lifespan. The first and foremost thing to be maintained is that the AC filter for a clogged or unclean filter can affect the airflow, thus reducing the device's productivity. A clean filter can reduce your device's energy consumption by 5 to 15 %. Always check if the area surrounding your Ac's outdoor condenser is clean enough so that the condenser's coils do not get dirty easily. The next thing to be checked is the coil fins, and using a fin comb can give you good results. If you still do not find your problems solved, hire a professional technician to solve them. A technician will do a complete check-up on the following problems. Proper amount of refrigerant Use a leak detector to detect leaks. Measuring the flow of air through the evaporator coil. Makes sure that the heating and cooling system does not operate simultaneously. Checking the electric terminals for clean and tight connections and applying a non-conductive coating wherever needed. Checking if the belts and oil motors are in good working condition. Checking if the thermostat is accurate.(More)

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What is the price of inverter AC?

Adithya02 May 2022

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Niviya 05 May 2022

Inverter ACs with their variable compressor speed, help control the airflow temperature. When turned on, these inverters help maintain a steady temperature and operate at maximum capacity. Inverter ACs are highly preferable during summer, and the average prices of inverter ACs range between ?32,000 to ?45,000 for some top brands are mentioned below. • Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC - ?44,990? • Hitachi RSN317HCEA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - ? 37,275? • Samsung AR18RV3HFTV 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - ? 43,331 • Blue Star IC318QATU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - ? 37,850 • Voltas 183V CZJ 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC - ? 32,431 (More)

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FAQ - Office AC Repair in Beed

What is the average cost of AC repairing Service?

It is always best to repair your old AC rather than buy a new one. It is more pocket friendly and can work in the long run when professional technicians repair it. The following is an approximate breakage of the price of an AC repair service:

  • AC Installation - Costs around Rs.200-Rs.450 approximately
  • AC Repair- Costs around Rs.250- Rs.500, approximately
  • Gas Charging- Costs around Rs.550- Rs.750, approximately
  • Inspection Charge- Costs around Rs.200 – Rs.250 approximately
  • Un-installation- Costs around Rs.250- Rs.400 approximately

How is the AC servicing done?

The following are some of the steps followed while servicing an AC

  • Air filters and fins are washed and cleaned.
  • The dust and debris are removed from the evaporator coil and the condenser coil.
  • The molds and dust are also removed from the evaporator fan and the condenser.
  • The unit is also checked for any water leakage and pooling during the service.
  • The coolant levels are checked in the evaporator coils.
  • When all the steps are done, the technician checks the entire AC unit for any repair or malfunction.

How often should I service AC in my office?

The AC servicing in an office is done based on different factors, and it has to be done at least once every 12 months. The following are some of the conditions under which the servicing is done:

  • An AC in a manufacturing industry should be serviced every 6 months.
  • If there is any construction nearby or the area is polluted, you will have to service your AC once every 3 months.

What happens if the office AC is not serviced regularly?

If your office AC is not serviced or maintained regularly, it will be infested with molds and dirt that can cause serious health issues to the staff working in your office and the customers visiting. The AC gas should be checked regularly, and the coolant levels have to be checked. If the AC is not checked and maintained regularly, it can not only cause health issues but also give you unwanted expenses.

Can an AC be used without service?

It is always a wise choice to service your AC at least twice a year to avoid unwanted maintenance expenses and make it work for a long time. If you use your AC without servicing, it will be worn out and repaired easily. You can also face health issues if you fail to maintain your AC properly because the air will be infested with molds.

Why should I get my AC serviced?

If your AC is not serviced properly, it will give you only a less cooling effect and raise your electricity bills. Your AC will also give out some weird and distracting noises, which means that some parts in the AC are worn out and faulty. You can also find water dripping or leaking from your AC if you fail to maintain it properly. Therefore it is mandatory to get your AC service done by professional technicians to avoid all these issues.

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