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Office Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad

Though many factors influence a business’s success, a well-groomed commercial space in apple-pie order will make an immense fortune. Keep this challenge at bay with the professional office cleaning services available in the city. Hiring office cleaning service expertise will vouch for a sparkling, sleek, and clean environment to work in. The outstanding office cleaning services provide much more than the regular carpet vacuuming and wiping off the desk counters, including floor cleaning, janitorial services, porter services, and many more. Get connected with a comprehensive network of professional office cleaning services through Sulekha. The office cleaning experts listed on our page are highly skilled and experienced who provide an aesthetic appeal to your office or commercial space.

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad as on Aug 15, 2022

Shahdara, Delhi, 110053 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Office Cleaning, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Car cleaning services
Sulekha score: 5.8Hired on Sulekha: 3 times
Ishit from Delhi

"Very good service.. the team was experienced "

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R.K. Puram, Delhi, 110066 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
4.5/5 Based on 16 reviews
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Car cleaning services
Sulekha score: 8.2Working hours: 10:00 am to 06:00 pmYears of Experience: 9
Satyendra from Delhi

"Excellent services done by Astute Care team! "

Deeksha from Delhi

"Amazing service, very dedicated workers "

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Trilokpuri, Delhi, 110091 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services
Sulekha score: 7.2
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Sector 45, Noida, 201303 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Pest control service, Stationery Shops, Home Cleaning Services, Septic Tank/Drainage Cleaning Services
+8 more
Sulekha score: 6.1Working hours: 9:30 AM to 9 PMService Warranty: 30 daysResidential Premises Cleaned: Less than 100Commercial Premises Cleaned: Less than 100
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Siri Fort, Delhi, 110049 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 6.6
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Mahavir Enclave, Delhi, 110059 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Stone Cleaning Services, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 6.1Years of Experience: 5
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Pitampura, Delhi, 110088 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Domestic dry cleaning & laundry services, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Industrial dry cleaning & laundry services
+1 more
Sulekha score: 5.3Working hours: 10 AM to 6 PM
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Gurgaon, Gurgaon, 122001 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Septic Tank/Drainage Cleaning Services, Garbage Disposal Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services
+1 more
Sulekha score: 5.3
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Mayur Vihar 3, Delhi, 110096 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Housekeeping services, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 3.9
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Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi, 110029 ( Also serves in Ghaziabad )
Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Carpentry services, Repair / Restore furniture
+1 more
Sulekha score: 0.1
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Office Cleaning Queries
Questions - 38 Answers - 35
153+ experts available
What is best for floor cleaning??

Niviya05 July 2022

Cleaning Services
Post Answer
Adhithiya 06 July 2022

Floor cleaners should help clean the floor and protect it from any further damage. There are various floor cleaners that are available in the market,? • Better life: naturally dirt-destroying floor cleaner gives a streak-free shine by cutting through the grease and grime. It also has a plant-based formula with low chemicals.? • Quick-shine multi-surface floor cleaner is highly affordable and helps clean dirt on sudden surfaces.? • Bona hardwood floor cleaner is best to clean the unwaxed polyurethane wood floors. It optimizes quick drying to avoid footprints.? • Amstrong flooring once 'N has done floor cleaner- it can also be used on countertops, bathroom surfaces, and kitchen appliances.? ?? (More)

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How often do you have your windows cleaned??

Nandha04 July 2022

Cleaning Services
Post Answer
Adhithiya 05 July 2022

There are various factors that decide the frequency of window cleaning, such as local weather conditions, surroundings, proximity to oceans, screens, personal curiosity, etc. For an average-sized home, windows might need 3-to 4 cleaning for a year for optimal functioning. If this seems impossible, you can clean the inside of the windows once a year and the outside twice a year which would be helpful. Keeping windows clean is directly linked to emotional health, improving the mood towards positive thoughts by negating negativity and stress. Cleaning dirty windows will also help in avoiding any further window problems, improves air quality, and ensures your home's energy levels. (More)

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How often should a window be cleaned??

Vetha03 July 2022

Cleaning Services
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Adhithiya 05 July 2022

Cleaning the windows periodically is important as it helps maintain the house's aesthetic look. If you leave your window unclean, it will pile up dust which will diminish the look and the lifetime of the window. Keeping the windows clean is significant for both house and the workspace. If there is dust in your window, it will block the sunlight. Still, scientifically sunlight is significant to humans as it induces serotonin which is responsible for the mood and behavior of an individual. So, just by cleaning the windows, you can stay in a good mood which is necessary for happy living.? ?? (More)

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How long does it take to clean windows??

Mani02 July 2022

Cleaning Services
Post Answer
Adhithiya 03 July 2022

Cleaning windows can take anywhere between 30 minutes to six hours. It also depends on the number of windows that need cleaning and the windows' size and type. For an average-sized home with 10-15 windows, it might take approximately around 5 hours to clean them. Cleaning also depends on how much dust is accumulated in the window; if the windows have lots of smudges and fingerprints, then it might take more time; on the other hand, if there is light dust in the windows, then it will take less time. Cleaning windows is a significant part of keeping the environment healthy and hygienic.?? ? (More)

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Should the curtain be washed or dry cleaned??

Bharat01 July 2022

Cleaning Services
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Adhithiya 04 July 2022

The fabrics used for the curtains might shrink if washed, so it is always advisable to opt for dry cleaning to maintain your curtain. If you are using velvet draperies, then it's better if you just wipe the dust from it with a brush without washing it. Silk curtains should be washed on hands in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Even if you are machine washing, try to use the gentle mode to avoid damage to the fabrics. Try not to dry it under direct sunlight, which might cause color fading and damage it. Sheer curtains must be washed regularly even if there is no dust to avoid discoloration.? ? (More)

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Recent Reviews on Office Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad As on Aug 15, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 1 Reviews

" Services very good Good Communication Satisfied "

AQEEL AHMAD from Ghaziabad, on 28 Jul 2020

Proficient Office Cleaning Services in whccity

Find the verified and trusted office cleaning experts in Ghaziabad without a hitch through Sulekha. The listed office cleaning services are of a high reputation with ample experience and skills. The accomplished office cleaning experts help you deep clean space and provide several tangible benefits to your commercial premise, clients, and employees. So, if you are looking for the best office cleaning professionals to keep your workplace spic and span, land onto the Sulekha website.

Sign-up Professional Office Cleaning Services

  • Common Daily Services- Hire the office cleaning companies to do regular cleaning services like emptying the trash, general office cleaning, mopping the office floor, cafeteria, stairways, entryway, carpet vacuuming, etc. The cleaning experts prepare a customized plan to suit your different janitorial and business needs. They also provide light maintenance and other cleaning services.
  • Emergency Clean Up- Cleaning services in case of unforeseen disasters and other emergencies like water disaster (broken water pipes or overflowing toilet), fire damage, or construction damage that the regular crew can’t handle and require professionals. The proficient cleaning companies are well-equipped and trained to handle such urgent situations.
  • Window Cleaning- Not just standard daily services, the cleaning experts help clean inside and outside the workplace’s windows. Window cleaning is dangerous and cannot be done by regular cleaners. Expert professionals are required to keep your windows sparkling and safe. 
  • Carpet Cleaning- Well-kept and spotless carpets improve the overall ambiance of an office/commercial space. Regular cleaning of carpets is vital for a neat and dust-free workspace. The professional cleaning services in Ghaziabad offer various services that include deep extraction cleaning, heavy traffic lane cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and interim cleaning. Some experts even provide furniture cleaning services along with the dusting of office panels.

Why Choose Sulekha

Sulekha is a one-stop destination for finding the right office cleaning services in Ghaziabad with no much effort and time. Our service partners adhere to specific standards of quality and conformity to serve you the best way possible. All you have to do is fill up our online form with relevant details, and we will handpick the best office cleaning professionals for you through our smart listing option. You can also select from thousands of cleaning companies listed in your city or near you by going through their profiles, reviews, and ratings.

Significant reasons why users prefer Sulekha to select the best office cleaning services are below:

  • Verified and Trusted Professionals: We have an encompassing list of top-notch office cleaning service providers in Ghaziabad renowned for providing unparalleled services for cleaning your office or commercial spaces. Multiple service quotes with the complete breakdown of services are provided here. Sulekha offers attractive deals and discounts shared by the reputed office cleaning companies in Ghaziabad. Users can effortlessly connect with the trusted cleaning experts in Ghaziabad catering to their requirements through us at just one click.
  • A Myriad of Choices and Convenience: You can choose the office cleaning service companies of your choice based on your business and the type of your requirement. On Sulekha, you will find a list of the best office cleaning experts that offer different cleaning services for your business needs.
  • Best Market Price: With thousands of office cleaning companies available for you to choose from, you will also have the option to consider your budget and various services offered by each firm.
  • Transparent Costs: Get multiple quotes and a complete breakdown of cleaning services from the top office cleaning firms in Ghaziabad. No hidden or additional costs are incurred.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Users can avail of their required office cleaning service with no advance payments. We also provide you with opportunities to pay by cash, card, or online payment after helping with the service.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Sulekha provides excellent and timely customer support for customers. In case of any query or help, reach out to our customer support for a prompt and quick response. Find testimonies of our happy and satisfied customers who have availed designing services from various office cleaning service providers. 

Why Professional Office Cleaning Services is Essential to Clean Your Workplace

Professional cleaning is a vital part of any business, and here we jot down the significant reasons for the same. 

  • Keeps the Workplace Clean and Clears major problems: Regular office cleaning or maintenance will help you keep the office space tidy and help you identify and treat minor issues effectively before getting big and expensive. Office cleaning services also help prevent any rodent or insect infestation and hamper the building-up of mold.
  • Protects the Health of Employees: A dirty or contaminated work environment leads to illnesses such as cold and flu, which are highly contagious. Therefore, keeping your office sterile and sleek is essential to avoid illnesses and retain the workforce healthy. Regular cleaning of your office premises will keep the space clean and protect employees' and clients' hygiene. Professional cleaning services help clean and sanitize the entire workspace, including bathrooms, and create a healthy, lively atmosphere to work efficiently.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction: A well-organized and systematic workplace promotes professionalism and attracts clients. Besides the excellent services you provide, keeping your working environment neat as a pin generates a positive impression on your office. Professional cleaning experts guarantee you the clean office areas with clean floors, organized desks, and clean, sanitized bathrooms.

Important Things to Consider while Choosing Office Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad

Choosing the right office cleaning services in Ghaziabad is not an easy job. There are numerous office cleaning companies out there in Ghaziabad, and finding the one that caters to your needs can be a daunting task. We are here to help by finding the best office cleaning services in Ghaziabad who suits you by filtering out the others.

Step-by-Step Hiring Guide

Step 1: Fill out the simple click-through form with your information, ideas, and preferences by answering the questions which will help us serve you better 

Step 2: We will help you with short-listing some top office cleaning service providers who can help de-clutter your office space

Step 3: Mention how many office cleaning experts you would like to discuss with

Step 4: Find the list of professional office cleaning firms with their addresses, contact details, and portfolios. You can choose anyone from the list which meets with your expectations.

Step 5: Check for the firm’s customer reviews and Sulekha ratings before selecting one for your business.

Step 6: Discuss the needs of your business, the terms and conditions, and finalize the deal. Negotiate your budget and needs. The office cleaning firms charge fees based on the business needs, type of cleaning, location, and office/commercial space type. Find below the approximate list for office cleaning services.

Estimated Prices for Office Cleaning Services

Type of Office Cleaning Services Estimated Price(Approx.)
Office cleaning Rs. 20 to Rs.25/ sq. m.
Office cleaning Rs.3000 to Rs.3500/hour
Window cleaning Rs.150 to Rs.300/window
Carpet cleaning Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000(1000-1500sq.m.)

Note: The prices are subject to vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the services included in office cleaning?

The prominent duties in office cleaning include warding off the dust in all electrical equipment, chairs, desks, handles, etc., Also, the cleaners will sweep and mop the floors. For the carpeted floors, vacuuming is essential. Apart from that, dusting the surfaces, scrubbing, and disinfecting restrooms are also part of office cleaning. The cleaners should also sanitize the reception area, including cleaning the entrance hallways, seating areas, meeting desks, etc. They are also expected to indulge in polishing all the woodworks. Besides, the cleaners can use various disinfectants to clean the glass materials.

2. What are the steps involved in office cleaning?

As a foremost step, the cleaners should empty the bins and replace the baskets. Further, they should vacuum all carpets and mats. This is followed by cleaning the tables, chairs, telephones, desks, storage cupboards, computers, projector areas, etc. After this, wiping all the doors and glass shields with disinfectants is necessary. Besides, mopping the entire floor set up and cleaning washrooms form the crux of office cleaning. As part of office cleaning, the cleaners should also screen the roofs for cobweb accumulation and clean them. The switchboards and other commonly-used areas should be cleaned neatly.

3. How long does it take to clean an office?

It takes about an hour to clean a 2,000 square ft. office for one person, and it takes about two hours for one person to clean a 2,500 square ft. office. Likewise, for a cleaner to clean a 5,000 square ft. office, it takes about four hours. Hence one can calculate the office cleaning duration based on this. For example, one can appoint a group of workers to clean a 5,000 square ft. office, which will probably be completed in an hour. However, a proper co-ordination and work plan is essential for the workers to complete the work within the given time frame.

4. Why should I choose Sulekha to opt for office cleaning services?

Office cleaning is an important responsibility to ensure a healthy environment around the workspace. Hence, one should avail of a professional cleanings service. At Sulekha, the associated service providers provide a top-notch office cleaning service. The technicians are experienced and have successfully taken over cleaning works at major corporate offices. The cleaners appointed by the service providers are experienced and work with utmost responsibility. Further, Sulekha hosts verified service providers, and hence professional service is guaranteed

5. How should I avail an office cleaning service at Sulekha?

Availing office cleaning service through Sulekha is a simple process. One should visit Sulekha’s office cleaning site and fill-up the small inquiry form through which, once will be received by the Sulekha’s team. The customers will be sharing their exact cleaning requirements, and, in turn, the team will connect them with the right service providers. The customers will also receive instant multiple quotes from the service providers in their respective areas. These verified service providers will offer an on-time service with the best market price and uses 100% safer and eco-friendly chemicals.

6. How to set my office cleaning-ready before availing the service?

Before booking the office cleaning service, the company officials shall store all the necessary documents safely. They can also remove the unnecessary tangled wires. They should also keep the tissues and bins ready for replacements. Opting for a cleaning service during weekends or public holidays is wise as the cleaners can clean the office without hindrances.

7. What is the cost for availing office cleaning services in Ghaziabad?

The cost for office cleaning varies as per the cleaning types and the area required to be cleaned. For example, the basic cleaning package starts from Rs 2,999. The package increases with package extensions and area surface.

Did you know?
30,000Users Trusted Sulekha for Hiring Cleaning Services last year.
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