28 Fully Funded PhD Programs at the University of Southern Denmark

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The University of Southern Denmark has ample opportunities for study-abroad students to pursue their dream programs that are fully funded in various research areas. These research programs are such that they will place you on a higher pedestal when it comes to international research. There is an increase in the demand for employees with research backgrounds, and being equipped with one makes you eligible to find jobs in both the public and private sectors.

These research programs will make you a part of active research environments both in and outside Denmark. The research results are also published in internationally recognized scientific journals. Eligible candidates can apply as soon as possible.

Many benefits are attached to pursuing a fully funded Ph.D. program. They are:

  1. Apex of International excellence- These research programs are such that they can place you at par with the highest of international achievements.

  1. Superior Exposure- The students pursuing their Ph.D. programs here get exposure to both national and international environments.

  1. Academic overseas trips- The Ph.D. programs also facilitate scholarly trips abroad to complete courses at acclaimed universities.

  1. Proximity with experienced researchers globally- Being in close contact with other best of the researchers will equip you with better knowledge and give fresh perspectives and, as such, help broaden your intellectual horizons.

  1. Fully funded- This being fully funded gives financial support that covers all expenses relating to the Ph.D. program. It includes not only tuition fees the travel cost, living expenses, and any other relevant costs relating to the Ph.D. program you have chosen.

Listed below are the 20 fully funded Ph.D. programs

  1. PhD position in Law

The applicants must focus on any of the four laws: private law, tax law, administrative law, and constitutional law. The main objective must be to provide in-depth information on these specific fields while ensuring that it will be relevant to the probable employers in the future when they put it to practical use during real challenges.

  1. PhD position in Topology optimization for high heat flux cooling

This research involves creating cooling solutions for two scenarios: advanced cooling solutions for fusion reactors (10 MW/ M^2) and High-energy-density electronics (1 MW/M^2). This research uses topology optimization techniques to design layouts for cooling channels and enhance heat transfer through tube inserts. This study is highly regarded due to its complexity, as it has a two-phase flow and involves turbulence. The project will require you to develop a new in-house code customized to conjugate heat transfer topology optimization.

  1. PhD position in RAMAN Spectroscopy

Here, the search is for a candidate using RAMAN Spectroscopy to examine petrographic carbon's oxidization and recycling efficiency within the carbon cycle. The study will involve finding petrographic carbon in marine and river sediments and understanding how to contribute to oxidization and recycling. This will play a significant role in knowing the controls of carbon cycling in both modern and ancient environmental contexts.

  1. PhD position in Business sector plastics circularity towards a climate-neutral region

This research will focus on filling the gaps in the current disposal of plastics in both businesses/ industries. It will also consider the organizational factors determining business practices for the plastics circular economy. The main objective would be reducing GHG emissions to support Denmark's climate goals.

  1. Ph.D. position in audiology

Otitis Media (OM) is among the most prevalent diseases affecting young children. Although the hearing loss due to this OM resolves itself over time, the frequent occurrences can adversely affect speech perception in noisy environments. The proposed study aims to address these gaps by systematically analyzing auditory abilities and linking them to psychological indicators of hearing and speech understanding in noisy environments, thereby building a strategy for a customized hearing aid.

  1. PhD position in Bioorganic Chemistry

This project aims to build innovative chemical tools for functional understanding of human protein histidine methyltransferases. The main objective will be to develop novel labeling tools using specially designed small molecules and peptide probes. It should apply modern bioorganic chemistry, and chemical biology approaches in examining biologically important histidine methylation.

  1. PhD position in Epigenetics in Pancreatic β cell

The Mandrup group focuses on understanding how genes and metabolism communicate in cells, specifically in adipocytes and pancreatic β-cells. It aims to understand what makes cells adaptable in tissues. Also, it understands the genetic process in the development of fat cells. It employs advanced techniques, including genome-wide studies, molecular analyses, and single-cell sequencing.

  1. PhD position in Transcriptional Networks in Adipocyte Plasticity

ADIPOSIGN aims to discover how fat cells interpret and react to metabolic signals. It explores responses at the levels of (epi)-genome, transcriptome, and cell surface. The main aim is to understand how the signaling states of adipocytes depend on the depot, sex, and genetic variation and how the changes contribute to the pathophysiological consequences of obesity.

  1. Ph.D. position in Low-Code Development for Logistics tasks in Mobile Robotics

Automating logistics tasks with mobile robots is an opportunity during low-volume production. But for implementation, there must be programming solutions that handle spatial variability in full 3D. It aims to demonstrate its effectiveness through the Enabled Robotics (ER) mobile platform.

  1. Ph.D position in Energy Informatics

This research requires candidates with an excellent academic foundation in computer and data science, energy, and software engineering. Also, having good communication and interpersonal skills is essential. You may have to work independently and as a team to succeed in the dynamic environment.

  1. PhD position in Spatial Transcriptomics and Bioinformatics

The Brewer group focuses on advanced imaging technologies for spatial transcriptomics, particularly utilizing MERFISH. It understands tissue microenvironments in patient and animal biopsies and complex disease models in engineered tissues. There would be 3 MERFISH platforms for spatial transcriptomics at different scales.

  1. PhD position in Environmental Data Science

The candidate must be interested in forming data science solutions emphasizing visual interfaces. It involves an interdisciplinary collaboration with oceanographers. The minimum requirement will be expertise in any field- Environmental Data Science, Information Visualization, Interface Design, and Big Data Analytics.

  1. PhD position in sensor-based process and quality control for dry fiber layups on blades for wind turbines

The selected candidate will be a part of the SDU Robotics section, which is a 65-member team that specializes in researching and developing robot solutions in the welfare, medical, and industrial sectors. Teamwork and enthusiasm for robotics, with a keenness to take up new skills and responsibilities, are highly important.

  1. PhD position in Planning for accurate and robust trajectories for in-hand manipulation

It comprises a 65-member team that develops robot solutions in the welfare, medical, and industrial sectors. Teamwork and having an enthusiasm for robotics with a keenness to take up new skills and responsibilities are highly important.

  1. PhD position in Single Cell Dissection of Healthy and Unhealthy Human Adipose Tissue

Obesity serves as a leading cause of complications like type 2 diabetes (T2D) and fatty liver disease. However, its impact on metabolism varies from individual to individual, leading to differentiation between healthy and unhealthy obesity. So, this study aims to explore the naturally occurring protective mechanisms for therapy.

  1. Ph.D. position in the Circular Economy

It is partly financed by Horizon Europe funded project "Closing wastewater cycles for nutrient recovery" (WalNUT) and the Innovation Foundation Denmark-funded project named "Development of an Integrated Zero Discharge Model for Sewage Sludge to Enhanced Hydrogen Production" (ZDHydro).

  1. PhD position in sustainability/ techno-economic assessment of green protein production

It offers decision support for quantitative environmental sustainability and techno-economic performance of green proteins for feed. It aims to build a scalable process to meet the demand in the EU by producing high-quality white protein ingredients from locally sourced alternatives.

  1. PhD position in sustainability/ techno-economic assessment of circular agricultural systems

It offers decision support for quantitative environmental sustainability and techno-economic performance of circular future agricultural systems.

  1. Ph.D. position in Circular economy by enabling textile-to-textile recycling and new business model strategies.

It involves SDU tasks on the experimentation process of textile-to-textile recycling. In collaboration with a technological institute, a sociotechnical analysis will be conducted to understand the impact of the project on both environmental and sociotechnical aspects.

  1. PhD position in Industrial Electronics

The candidate must have good proficiency in spoken and written English and be willing to work within a team and individually to acquire expertise in new topics. The aim is to build competencies in developing lifetime models and a state-of-the-art high-voltage electrolytic capacitor.

To conclude, these PHD programs with so many disciplines to choose from,can equip the aspiring researchers with the best of opportunities to build theirknowledge and expertise. Explore these 20 fully funded programs by the University of Denmark and chose the best that suits your liking to contribute to the global intellectual landscape.

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