6 Reasons Why You Should Major In Journalism

Sai Eswari 4 years ago

If the idea of spending 9 hours a day, 5 days a week in a cubicle makes you glum, then you are a person who cant settle for anything short of an atypical career. In that case, journalism is a great choice of career. A job in this industry will be devoid of mundanity and every day in the field will enrich your knowledge and mold your perception of the world. So, here are some reasons why you should consider journalism as a career choice.


1. Some people are naturally inquisitive. If you want to ask the “why” in your head, out loud, take up this field of study. If you have nose for news and eye for detail, then you would be an extremely successful journalist.

2. As a child, did you dream of having a job that requires you to travel a lot? If yes, then journalism is your calling. They say that life isn’t meant to be lived in one place. As a journalist, you have that privilege. You get to travel to various places for interviews, reports and news coverage.

3. To be a good journalist, you need to be a great conversationalist. They have a knack for forming the right combination of words to put their point across coherently. Gathering news isn’t always easy and many situations will arise that will require you to go snooping around for information. It will be highly useful if you are a people’s person who has a way with words. Words can also be of help when you want to wiggle your way out of a tough situation. So if eloquence is your biggest plus point, nothing other than journalism is a better for you.

4. Being a journalist is an equivalent of having a strong network. The job requires you to frequently augment contacts and resourcefully use them. Having a big network comes in hands in various different ways. Not only will you have many people to go to in times of crisis but also, you can make great friends in this journey.

5. You get to have a job that teaches you something new EVERY DAY! Not all jobs offer this kind of exposure. This unconventional job description can be your freedom from the common mundanity that is generally people’s biggest complaint about their job. Every day brings to you a different cuisine, different story and a different perspective. Be prepared to embrace the wild child in you.

6. And, last of all, who doesn’t want to hear a story first hand?

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