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Have you considered applying to a university in abroad countries that are well-known for their educational institutions globally? If yes, we have made a simple to utilize yet extensive guide with key information that will help you effectively get past the application procedure for your dream college in these countries. 

Let’s see the application procedure for the countries – Australia, UK, and Canada.

Application Process (Australia)

Australia is the next most popular study abroad destination for pursuing higher education following the US and the UK and it is the country where the highest numbers of international student populations exist. About 1200 top educational institutions in Australia offer a wide range of courses (22,000 courses approximately) to domestic as well as international students. The relaxed student work permits and friendly Visa guidelines attract many students to prefer this country for higher education.  

When Should You Apply? 

The academic calendar usually starts in February or March in Australia and all the UG and PG courses start during this time. However, some colleges or universities offer admissions two times a year – February & September and few institutions even offer three admission intakes in February, August & September. Most of the top universities/colleges in Australia have a minimum of two admissions in a year.  

The application process for both UG and PG courses starts at least 5 months before the beginning of the course, i.e., admissions for February begins by the month of September and it closes by late December or January. It is always advisable for students to check with the admission office of the particular university you wish to study and get more details about the admission procedure and deadlines. 

For the other certificate programs in Australia offered by the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutes, the admissions might take place multiple times a year based on the course duration. The duration for courses is from 3 to 36 months in general, but the students are advised to reach out to a specific college/university and understand the deadlines.  

The Application Procedure 

The application process for colleges/universities is much simpler in Australia and are similar to those colleges/universities in the UK. The application for almost all the undergraduate courses and selective postgraduate courses pass through the Universities Admission Center (UAC). It is a Centralized Organization for university admissions located in the New South Wales region and the Australian Capital Territory.  

The candidates need to apply directly to the college/university in Australia for other regions and courses. If you wish to apply for a VET/TAFE course, it is the same application procedure mentioned above.  

Whichever way you prefer, the application procedure would involve the below prerequisites for any bachelor/master courses. 


Students can register online with all the required information and make ready all the necessary documents listed by the university. It is advisable for you to register as early as possible so that you will have adequate time to complete the full application process.  

Eligibility Validation  

The eligibility of a candidate to pursue higher education in Australia is to have an educational qualification equivalent to Australian Class 12 which is a 10 2 score of Indian school education. After registration, the candidates need to get the certificates validated and recognized by the University Admission Office. There will be a student counselor at the International Students’ Office of college/university who would help students for getting the validation done. However, each university requisitions differ in Australia and it is students’ responsibility to check if the university requires a different test and take the same.  

Document Preparation 

As per the directives in Australia, students are required to submit the admission essay demanded by the universities/colleges in Australia. A Statement of Purpose for undergraduate courses and a set of questions provided at the time of registration for postgraduate courses are required for admission processes. You should be careful while submitting the statement of purpose as play a significant role in the admission process and make sure you don’t rush submitting the application without proper preparation. Besides these certificates, you’ll have to submit your CV/resume for the application process.  

Application Submission  

Candidates have to submit their applications along with the test scores and academic transcripts. Applications can be submitted online as all Australian universities have an online submission. If the university requires the physical submission, you will have to courier the same well before time without any delays.  

Application Deadlines 

It is an essential part for students to make a note of the university application deadlines as each university sets its own deadlines in Australia. Ensure you apply in advance so that you won’t miss any of the scholarships and other academic grants. Australian Universities have the following admission intakes: 

  • Late October to Mid-November
  • Mid-April to Mid-May

Following these admission processes, you’ll have to wait for admission offer letter, then apply for your desired course in your desired college in Australia and fly to have a new career and life.  

The Application Process (UK)

Undergraduate students 

All applications for Bachelor's degrees in the UK are submitted through the UCAS application site (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Most of the colleges will only accept your application through the UCAS framework.  

Follow the below procedure to apply through UCAS: 

  • Register and create your application on the UCAS website 
  • Apply to up to five programs, at the same or different universities in the UK 
  • Complete personal information 
  • Include previous educational qualifications 
  • Add financial information 
  • Write a personal statement 
  • Some universities may require additional tests such as the UKCAT or BMAT for medicine, or the LNAT for Law degrees 

Note: You can save your application and return to it as many times as you like before submitting the final version. 


Postgraduate students 

  1. Future Master's or Ph.D. students can apply directly through the chosen University. Most universities permit you to send your application throughout the year, but some degree courses have their own deadlines. It's ideal to contact your picked University and find out specific details about their application process. 
  2. You can finish all your details online and scan and upload any required documents such as a copy of your passport and previous Bachelor's degree certificates.
  3. For Ph.D. programs, applicants are usually expected to choose a suitable supervisor at the University.

Language requirements for the UK university application 

In colleges from the UK, you have plenty of degrees educated in the English language you can look over. Hence, except if you originate from an English-talking nation, you should convey confirmation of advanced English language capability. Accepted language tests by the UK are: 


The Application Process (Canada)

Documents to be submitted for the admission process

Here are the set of documents/proofs that a student must submit before the initiation of the admission process:

  • Copies of X, XII grade mark sheets and the Bachelor's degree (for masters)
  • A minimum of two academic reference letters from your professors
  • In case of possessing work experience, you should submit at least two letters of recommendations from your manager
  • Documents like Statement of Purpose (SOP), Resume, photocopies of GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL scoresheets, portfolio (for the required courses), certificates of State/national level achievements in extracurricular activities, proof of funds, medical tests should be submitted.

Eligibility for admission into Canadian universities

The below points are the top eligibility criteria to get admission into a Canada university:

  • The admission process and the requirements for enrollment into a university in Canada differ with each study program and level. However, in general, for every course, international students should meet a minimum English language requirement. 
  • Percentage requirement – XII grade - 65% in humanities stream, 70 - 80% in Science/Commerce stream 
  • For those who have secured below 60%, foundations and Diploma programs are available 
  • The student should have completed 18 years of age before joining a degree program.

However, these numbers must be just for reference, and the actual numbers may differ with universities.

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