Avoid These Common Mistakes While Moving

  • Packing and moving is a time consuming, tedious job. Bad planning of the whole process can result in a lot of inconveniences that can carry forward even to your new home.

    Here are 5 common mistakes made by families while packing and moving:

    Not getting help

    A lot of families assume that packing and moving is a simple process that can be done on their own. Hence, they refrain from getting any sort of help. This results in limited packing supplies, last minute hassles and clumsy packing. This can end up in fragile items breaks, misplacing important documents, forgetting precious belongings etc.

    Packing up the essentials first

    This is a big mistake that many people make while packing up. They start their packing with the essentials leaving them with nothing to go about their lives in the coming days. Always start the packing process with the least used items such as décor and items you don’t require immediately.

    Keeping the sorting till after the move

    Some people procrastinate the sorting and decluttering and carry forward all the junk to their new place as well. Moving time is the best time to sort through old things and declutter your home. Packing up everything in the old house and moving it to the new place would result in unnecessary baggage being carried around.

    Not packing an overnight bag

    After moving to a new house, you would be living out of suitcases and boxes for at least a couple of days. It is essential to pack an overnight bag with basic necessities to survive these few days. It is impractical to sort through multiple cartons of belongings to find necessities.

    Ignoring the fridge

    Many people ignore the items in the fridge while packing and moving. They might even buy groceries as usual and hoard it in the fridge. This is a terrible mistake than can lead to a lot of wastage of food and supplies. Plan to clear out the fridge at least a day or 2 before the moving day. Also, plan ahead and buy minimal groceries that would last you till the move.

    Not changing the address on time

    Once you move to a new house, to redirect your mail to the new address is a long process. Many people forget this and wait till after the move to start the proceedings. This would result in a lot of lost mails. Start the process to change the address sufficiently early so that by the time you move to the new house, your address is updated in all the necessary portals.

    These are just some of the common mistakes people make while moving. To avoid these, plan in advance and always get the help of professional packers and movers for your big move.