Best Packing And Moving Tips For Your Two-Wheeler

P T Usha 4 years ago

Packing and moving can be highly hectic because one has to make sure to shift all items in a safe and secure manner. Especially, shifting the delicate items and vehicle shifting should be done with much care, as the chances for damage are high. Hence, one should be careful while shifting the vehicles especially the two-wheelers.

Here are the few tips which you can follow while shifting your two-wheelers. It will help you in safe and secure moving.

Start it early

People tend to keep the bikes in use until the last minute of moving. It is wrong. One should give enough rest to their bikes before the shifting. It helps in cooling the engine. Instead, if you keep using the bike, the engine will be hot and you won’t get enough packing time. The last-minute rush in packing might lack safety.

Hence, give rest to your bike at least two days before shifting so that the engine becomes shift ready.

Essential covers

A solid packing is important for a safe and secure shifting. Hence, one should spend enough time in packing the vehicle. Make sure that the packing is made in such a way that it hinders all forms of scratching and other damages that could be caused while shifting.

The professional packers and movers also offer packing services and the way of packing by the experienced professionals is good too. Still, it has to be inspected by you and instruct them about the nature of your bike. If it is old, inform your packers about the delicacy or if it is new, direct the packers and movers for a scratch-free shifting.

Empty the tank

While shifting your bike, make sure the tanks are empty. The highly inflammable nature of petrol can be dangerous while shifting and hence it is essential to make sure the tank is empty before shifting.

Packing tapes

Usage of bubble wraps and strong tapes are essential for a rigid packing. These multiple coverages of bubble wrap around your bike ensure safeness to your bike parts.

Smart packing

Though the entire bike should be packed with care, certain bike parts should be given extra concentration. Especially, the bike mirrors and indicator lights are considered the sensitive parts of the bike and are often prone to damage. Hence, layers of bubble wrap with the right taping will help in reducing the risk of damage.


Above the packing, the positioning of the vehicle determines the safe shipping. Hence while positioning your vehicle, make sure to give it a firm base. The vehicle shouldn’t fall or crash with other vehicles. If possible, the vehicles can be tied rigidly with ropes. It will avoid the vehicles from falling over.

Handling of vehicles

While shifting the two-wheelers, handling of vehicles is important. Right from packing of vehicles to shifting them to the career vehicle, to unpacking them, handling of bikes should be done with utmost care.

The professional packers and movers will take care of the careful handling of vehicles. You can also inspect the workers and guide them while shifting your vehicle.

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