How To Get Organized Before The Big Move

  • Regardless of whether you’re packing and moving to another house or just clearing up your house, sorting the things you’ve accumulated over the years is a big task. From clothes to curios, every household would have a lot of things which has been lying around unused or neglected for years.

    Here are a few steps to follow to sort through your pile and figure out what stays and what goes out:

    Sort by category

    Broadly divide your household into various categories such as clothes, kitchen items, fragile items, furniture etc. Sort the items based on these categories so that it is easier to manage the process. Start a few weeks earlier than when you plan to move. Always start with the least used category such as home décor.

    Sort by frequency of use

    While sorting through your items, move them into three categories based on frequency of use. If you haven’t used something for more than 3 years it is definitely to be given away. The items that is frequently used, which you surely want to take with you should be sorted into a separate box. The ones which are used at least once year or lesser can be moved into a different box and can be considered for charity.

    Label the boxes

    Get cardboard boxes to sort the items. For example, if you are sorting clothes, keep a box for damaged and color drained clothes. This same box can be used for all the broken curios, and irreparable items. This box is for discarding and nothing else. Another box can be for donation. You can move the kitchen tools you haven’t used in a long time, clothes that don’t fit you etc.

    Get rid of everything you don’t use

    Most of us have a hidden hoarder in us. Even if we rarely use a piece of clothing or a household item, we find it difficult to give it away. However, the moto of every sorting exercise should be to give away anything you don’t use. This would help declutter and have more space in the house for things that is actually used. This rule also applies to furniture pieces which is just taking up space in the house without adding any value.

    Donate, sell, giveaway

    While sorting through your belongings, simultaneously decide what can be donated or sold for some money. From clothes to electronics, everything can be sold via online portals these days. Click pictures of the pieces and simultaneously upload them in these sites so that they can sold by the time you move out.

    Once you are done with the sorting and discarding of things that you don’t need, call professional packers and movers to help you with the big move!