Most Common Moving Injuries And Useful Tips On How To Avoid Them

Adhithiya Rajasekar 2 years ago
When I say I feel you, then trust me because I know how tiring it is to move from one place to another. Shifting gets tiring not just because of moving but because of the packing that you have to do. Packing and moving demands lots of physical energy as you might require to pack heavy stuff. It also demands too much time. Yet, packing can be fun if you do it as a family. Let’s say you are all set to pack, but one more downside that you’ll always forget to see is that there is a higher possibility of injuries that could occur during packing. As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. Here’s a list of the top five common injuries that could occur and precautions to prevent them.

1. Broken toes, hands, or Fingers
Broken toes, finger, or hands is common as people tend to drop boxes or objects in these areas, which can cause severe setbacks. This injury happens if you handle the objects and boxes in an improper way. Unfortunately, moving requires you to lift heavy objects from which there is no escape. So, let me help you find a way to avoid broken bones while moving,
  • Keep the walking path clear and obstacle-free for a smooth move.
  • If you are lifting a box, make sure that the bottom of the box is sealed with heavy-duty packaging tape.
  • Do not forget to wear thick gloves and closed-toe shoes with a good grip.
  • Avoid overloading the boxes.
  • If you feel any discomfort or if you require any help, communicate with people near you.

2. Back injuries
Back injuries are more common while you are moving. You might have to move heavy stuff and bulky furniture, which might stress your back. There are possibilities that you could strain your back, causing injuries. So it is essential to follow all the precautions you can to avoid any severe cases of injury. Some of the measures that will prevent your back from being hurt are,
  • Instead of moving heavy objects manually, use appropriate equipment.
  • Separate the things you have into smaller parts and pack them accordingly rather than in one box.
  • Avoid harsh handling. Handle the box in the right way to avoid major setbacks.
  • Before lifting a box, ensure whether you will be able to lift it or not.
  • Ask for help when necessary. With a helping hand around, lifting and moving objects would be much easier.
3. Cuts and scrapes
If you are dealing with sharp objects while moving, then the possibility of getting cuts and scrapes is high. These sharp objects include home essentials like box cutters, knives, scissors, kitchen items, glassware, etc. Apart from these, boxes with sharp edges can also cause cuts and scrapes. So, to avoid any of these injuries, it is essential to follow certain things like,
  • Always have antiseptics and bandages with you at hand.
  • Do not rush the task at hand. Take your own time and move the boxes comfortably.
  • Wear multi-layered clothing like jeans for additional protection.
  • Try and cover the skin as much as possible to avoid any direct injuries
4. Knee and ankle injuries
Knee and ankle injuries are one of the most common moving injuries one could encounter. They tend to get injured easily as they are the most vulnerable joints in the body. This injury could happen if you lift heavy objects, bend, and suddenly twist. Sprained and injured ankles result from lifting, dragging, or pulling heavy objects. Knee and ankle injuries should be avoided as much as possible because, in the worst-case scenario, they might even require surgery. Some simple tips that you could follow to prevent these injuries are,
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects individually. Use a helping hand wherever required.
  • Do not rush the process. Take breaks in between and rest properly to move effectively as well as to avoid injuries. 
  • Wear protection like knee pads, braces, and sturdy shoes.
  • Limit the weight of the box to a level that you could lift. Avoid over-packing.
  • If required, use equipment to move objects instead of draining your energy.

5. Muscle injuries

Muscle injuries are one of the most common moving injuries that could occur. It occurs if you overuse or stretch your muscles beyond their limit. This can lead to various muscle injuries like strains, tears, cramps, contusions, etc., eventually resulting in swelling, stiffness, weakness, soreness, etc. Some areas highly prone to muscle injuries are the shoulder, legs, neck, and lower back. Don’t worry; I have got you covered. There are certain tips that you could follow to avoid these muscle injuries.
  • While moving, you much get dehydrated quickly, which can lead to muscle injury, so try to drink water as much as possible to stay hydrated.
  • Do basic stretching to keep your muscle flexible and avoid injuries.
  • Take breaks to give proper rest to your muscles.
I hope these tips will help you stay safe while moving. I know moving can be too much to handle, and it is perfectly fine to hire packing and moving services to get your work done with ease. Also, don’t forget that hiring professional packing and moving services will be the best way to avoid any kind of injuries. You need not worry about lifting heavy objects if you hire verified packers and movers listed at Sulekha. In fact, you can just sit back and relax while they take care of everything.

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